Want to refresh the look of your chair or armchair? We suggest how to do it in a fashionable way

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Old or damaged furniture does not have to be thrown away right away. The zero waste trend proves that even the most damaged chair or armchair can be given a second life.

Zero waste in interior design

Zero waste is a philosophy based on limiting the production of waste. It is therefore oriented towards an ecological lifestyle. Instead of throwing away broken or old objects, in a simple and inexpensive way we give them a new life. We reduce buying and thus production of many materials, especially plastic, which has a negative impact on the environment

Zero waste was focused around DIY decorations, which include all kinds of frames, pots and even textiles. Recently the trend has gone a step further, focusing on interior design and furniture refurbishment, which can be given a completely new face in a creative, yet simple manner.

Zero waste – how to transform old furniture?

Do you see old and worn out chairs around you, which are dusting in the attic, basement or allotment shed? Are you wondering whether there is any point in doing anything with them? Or is it just best to throw them away? Take a breath and think whether it is worth giving them another chance

Furniture that you don’t want, but which is still usable and only needs a little renovation, can be sold or given away at an exchange or in one of the Facebook groups where swaps take place. This is also an initiative that supports the zero waste philosophy

Those chairs or armchairs which you think will still be useful, e.g. for spring meetings in the garden, should be restored. If you have a chair or armchair in your collection at home or at the allotment which is already showing signs of use, e.g. worn down upholstery, it is worth thinking about a new cover. If you prefer calm arrangements, choose universal colors, such as beige. If you like a more avant-garde style, think about bright colors or patterned covers.

In case of wooden chairs, you may think about painting them with paint. If you want to place them in the garden, think about a white color, which will look especially good in summer. Later on it is enough to refresh such chairs with impregnation

An armchair from communist times? – New design thanks to zero waste technology

People’s Republic of Poland is back in fashion and furniture from this period is a real design treat. An old chair or armchair from the People’s Republic of Poland can become a designer interior decoration. Nobody, except you, will have such a chair or armchair in their home

You can give vent to your creativity and uniqueness by creating original and amazing furniture which you can show off to your family, friends and even on the Internet. Zero waste renovation is fun and can be done with someone or by yourself as a form of relaxation.

To renovate a piece of furniture yourself, you will need tools such as a sander or screwdriver and screws, brushes, an upholstery stapler and sandpaper, as well as covering materials such as wood paints and varnishes. But that’s not all. It is also worth equipping yourself with a rubber mallet to break a piece of furniture into pieces, upholstery foam, wigofil, furniture oatmeal, or glue for upholstery foam and durable, thick fabric to make a new upholstery.

You should also be aware that renovation does not take one day, and due to the drying of paint and glue, it may take up to several days. Renovation work is best done outdoors due to the fumes from paint and varnish. Here is how to renovate an old armchair or chair yourself in a few steps:

  1. Dismantle the old armchair.
  2. Restore the wooden parts.
  3. Waterproof the wooden parts.
  4. Remove the old upholstery.
  5. Put on new upholstery.

And ready, your old-new armchair is usable.

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Main photo: Charlotte May/ pexels.com

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