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Have you received a bouquet of live flowers and are wondering how to display them beautifully? Or maybe you’d like to decorate your house or apartment with them more often but they quickly wither or wilt? We have a way!

Flowers please the eye and add a unique elegance and style to interiors. They also make rooms cosier and their fragrance fills the living room, kitchen or hallway. However, live cut flowers quickly wither. Sometimes improper technique of arranging them in a vase makes them look classy. So how to do it right?

Cutting the stems

Before putting your flowers in the vase remember to trim the stems. This will prolong their life and they will thank you for it. It’s important to do this every day or at least every other day, and to do it under running, lukewarm water. This is important because it will prevent air from getting into the stems and making them wilt faster. It is also important to make sure that the leaves do not touch the water. If they wade in it, it’s best to trim them right away because they will start to rot quickly.

Fill a vase with water and then throw in some flower conditioner. Hydrangeas and roses like their stems to be 2/3 submerged, while chrysanthemums or tulips prefer much less water and only need 1/3 of their height.

Striking display

If you want your flowers to look striking in a vase or you want to create an elegant arrangement yourself, it is worth getting a vase and a bit of adhesive tape for this purpose. The latter should be used to create a support on which the flower stems will rest, so that they do not sadly spread to the sides. Below you will find a video with instructions on how to create a striking bouquet in a few moments.

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