Anti-stress painting, or how to relax in a creative way

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Recently on the art market appeared a new proposal – paintings for self-painting. This is a great opportunity to make a work of art with your own hands, even if you think you have no talent for it.

The fact that interacting with art has therapeutic properties has long been known. For several years, coloring books for adults, now available in almost every bookstore or stationery store, have been extremely popular. All you need is a set of crayons or markers and we have a stress-relieving activity for at least a few or several evenings

The finished sub-images and canvases already have the image sketched out and the colors we should use are precisely marked with numbers. Thus, with the help of paints, water and a brush you will create a work of art that will decorate the living room, bedroom or hallway in your house or your family or friends if you give it to them

There are plenty of patterns and possibilities, with prices starting at around £29 for a ready-made canvas with, for example, an already sketched mandala. You can choose from geometric patterns, abstractions, figural representations, portraits, landscapes or copies of famous and popular paintings. Who knows, maybe for you it will be just a training before creating on your own?

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