Closets, cupboards and chests of drawers – how to give them a second life?

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Do you want to redecorate your apartment, but you don’t know how to go about it and your budget is limited? No problem! You can decide to renovate your furniture. Find out how to give closets, cupboards and chests of drawers a second life.

Sometimes there is damage to our furniture, such as scratches on the fronts, marks left by hot drinks or patterns painted by a child with a marker pen. Sometimes the current decor simply gets boring and there comes a need to change the arrangement. What can you do in such a situation? Decide on the renovation of furniture. Find out how to do it and why it is worth it.

Painting furniture – an artistic way to renew arrangement

A great way to give new life to your cupboards, closets and shelves is to paint them. Although this activity requires a bit of skill and precision, it is not only a way of renovation, but also a way of artistic leisure. So how to paint your furniture properly?

The first step is certainly to dull the furniture, which you can do using sandpaper. Then clean them from the dust and degrease them, for example with dish liquid. Any old coatings that come off should be removed with a scraper. Remember also that before you start painting, it is advisable to disassemble the furniture as simply as possible – unscrew all the furniture handles and legs and remove the drawers. If your furniture has holes, you can additionally fill them with putty. After such preparation of the furniture, you can start painting. First, use a primer that will increase the adhesion of the paint. Then apply paint in the color of your choice. Remember, however, to choose the right type of paint for the material the furniture is made of. Paint your furniture in thin coats, and apply subsequent coats only after the previous one has completely dried out.

Wrapping furniture – classic veneers and wallpaper

To give your furniture a second life, you can also cover it with veneer. The most popular is natural veneer, which is made from natural wood, usually oak or beech. This is the most natural veneer that looks like the texture of wood. So it will be a great option for more traditional and classic interiors. You can also opt for a modified veneer. Like natural veneer, it resembles natural wood in appearance, but in this case the rings and knots are applied in the form of a mechanically formed pattern. Thanks to this, the texture of the wood is free from any blemishes, and all patterns are repeatable, which allows you to obtain a consistent appearance of the furniture

If you are looking for a more modern atmosphere, you can opt for a PVC foil veneer. This is a very diverse solution – you can choose both veneer full of interesting patterns and high quality prints, as well as more minimalistic, such as white furniture veneer.

An interesting solution is also covering furniture with classic wallpaper. So if you have scraps of wallpaper left over, this will be an excellent renovation method. In this way you can renew the fronts, interiors and bodies of furniture. Of course, wrapping furniture with both veneer and wallpaper requires manual skills, but it is much faster than painting. Moreover, this method provides spectacular interior effects.


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