How to make a lamp shade yourself?

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Lamp shades can be a unique addition to your interior design. Firstly, they will add charm to any lamp and a touch of luxury to your light source. Secondly, they are very hard to find. There is not much choice in stores and at antique fairs prices of nice lampshades reach exorbitant amounts.

There is a way to do it. In some cases, you can make your own unique lampshade. It does not have to be difficult at all. It won’t cost you a fortune either. Especially if you want to upgrade an existing lampshade by giving it a new color or pattern. All you need to do then is paint it, stick decorative paper or fabric on it.

You can use any decorative paper for this – gift wrapping paper, wallpaper or vintage fabric. To give it a truly professional look, remember to finish the edges. You’ll need a few things:

  1. A lampshade made of paper/perchment/fabric
  2. Wrapping paper
  3. Decorative paper or fabric
  4. Ribbon or piping to finish the edges
  5. Glue in a tube, liquid or spray
  6. Scissors
  7. Paper cutter or scalpel
  8. Paper clips or staples

Create a template from the paper. Trace your lampshade onto the wrapping paper. Adjust the size of the sheet to the size of your lampshade, depending on whether it’s for a table lamp, standing lamp or wall lamp. Ideally, start and end at the seam of the lampshade, that way you’ll know you’ve traced the full circumference.

Cut out the template, leaving at least 2cm of extra paper on each side for safety. Check that the template is large enough by wrapping it around the lampshade of your choice. If it fits, trace it onto the back of decorative paper or fabric and cut it out. If you are using fabric, make sure there are no wrinkles or creases. If you spot any, iron the fabric before gluing it to the lampshade.

Using spray adhesive, spray the back side of the decorative paper and the surface of the lampshade. Remember to protect your work surface with wrapping paper or newspaper.

Efficiently attach the paper or fabric to the lampshade. This should be done quickly as the glue dries quickly. Use liquid glue to secure the edges of the lampshade. Cut off any excess paper or fabric with a knife or scalpel.

Glue a strip of piping around the top and bottom. Use paper clips to hold the trim in place while it dries.

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