How to wear chinos well?

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Chinos have been one of the most popular models of men’s pants for decades, combining elegance with everyday casualness. Although their name has not spread so much, it is certainly a cut that prevails on the streets both in men’s and women’s versions. Their success is mainly due to their versatility – they work well in the office, on a walk, or during more formal outings.

The enigmatic name “chino” or “chinos” refers to the place where cotton pants were mass-produced in the 19th century in China, when a model similar to the chinos we know today appeared for the first time. The history of chinos is a transition from military roots to civilian fashion, which, as we can see, has resulted in success. Chinos are a versatile model that is not appropriated by any professional or age group. Moreover, they are universal for most men’s silhouettes.

Everyday elegance without effort

Men’s chinos are timeless cotton pants with slanted pockets at the front and straight, double-breasted buttoned pockets at the back. The leg is loose, but there are regular or slim variants, in which it is narrowed towards the bottom. Models available at MILER Menswear have been prepared with particular attention to proportions. After numerous fittings, we have identified the best and most suitable cut of the chinos. This is a cut with legs which are narrow at the bottom and which will certainly not restrict the movement of the thighs, thus ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. Chinos are a versatile closet item that allows you to complete different outfits depending on the occasion.

Fashionable eclecticism

Modernmen’s fashion allows different styles and trends to be freely combined. Individuality and originality have long been mainstream – opting for what is comfortable and optimal for each individual. In the case of chinos, it is easy to play with fashion and create different stylish combinations, especially given the wide range of colors they come in. Classic chinos are characterized by shades of beige and khaki, but are often found in shades of navy blue, dark green, caramel or grey. Of course, they will work in the most classic edition – with a shirt and a jacket.

In the elegant version, the pants should, of course, be a duet with a belt. However, attention to detail can completely change the character of the styling. A leather belt will give it a more classic look, while a braided one will give a more casual character to the silhouette. It should also be noted that a well-chosen chino pant is first of all a well-chosen leg length. If the leg is narrow, it should reach over the top of the shoe. Stylish oxfords, moccasins, slippers but also sneakers and sneakers go well with chinos! Especially if you choose a polo shirt, sweater or sweatshirt instead of a shirt.

Chinos all year round

Because of the many fashion combinations with which chino pants are compatible, they can serve us all year round. The pants available in MILER Menswear store are sewn in Poland, using very high quality cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre, as well as being breathable and showing hypoallergenic properties, thanks to which chinos will be suitable, even when temperatures rise significantly. This solution will certainly work for men who, despite the heat, do not feel comfortable in shorts or need to look elegant, but informal every day. For hot days, pants in light shades will be suitable. In the autumn and winter months, it is definitely better to bet on chinos in black or navy blue. Combined with a turtleneck they create a timeless, elegant look!

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