Can you make a dress out of a man’s shirt? Yes – and in several ways!

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Shirt dresses are one of the biggest trends of this season. Do you want to know how to make such a model yourself from a too big men’s shirt? We suggest how to do it!

Dress made of men’s shirt emphasizes feminine silhouette and at the same time is perfect for spring and summer. It is lightweight and fits perfectly on every figure – this is what all women love them for. We show you how to turn an unused men’s shirt into a women’s dress with the most fashionable cut, step by step. We can bet you won’t want to wear anything else!

How to make a dress from a men’s shirt yourself? Step by step guide

Making this season’s trendiest dress is easier than you think! All you need is a little patience and the right materials. First of all, prepare a large, long-sleeved shirt for men (preferably one without pockets) and the necessary tools for work – scissors, machine, pins, tailor’s tape measure and pencil. Let’s get started!

  1. Carefully measure the length of your sleeves, starting from the cuffs. Then carefully cut off part of the sleeves, leaving the fabric for the short sleeve.
  2. Mark the cut line on both sleeves with a pencil. Make sure that they are even. Only then cut off the sleeves.
  3. Fold inward about 1.5 centimeters of the sleeves, secure with pins.
  4. Sew all the way around the sleeves. Try to make sure the line is even, preferably about 0.5 centimeters from the edge of the sleeves. This will be the main part of our loose shirt dress.
  5. Use the cut off parts of the sleeves of the men’s shirt – we will be using them to make a belt to wrap around the waist.
  6. Cut 2 rectangles about 18 centimeters wide from both sleeves.
  7. Machine stitch the rectangles together along the longer edges and in the center. Fold the tube over to the right side. Machine finish the remaining two edges – this is how you made your own belt!
  8. Spring dress from a man’s shirt is ready!

This is an easy way to make a stylish short sleeve dress. Remember to do each step patiently and with lots of attention – it’s the details, such as evenly done seams, that will determine the final result! Tie yourself with a belt at the waist to emphasize your silhouette. To show off your neckline, remove the last two buttons of the dress. This dress is perfect for warm days, so it is worth having at least one such model in your closet.

Here you can watch a video which will help you perform all the necessary steps

Dress from a man’s shirt – possible fashionable modifications

The model of the dress you made according to the tutorial above is, of course, only a basic version – you can freely experiment with the form in order to adapt this model even better to yourself. There are really many options. A relatively simple procedure, which gives interesting effects, is changing buttons. Try adding fashionable pearls or golden elements to give the creation a chic look. If you think that the dress is too short, you can easily lengthen it by adding a decorative frill. A great combination is blue and white. Another option is to add embroidery on the shirt – you can use your skills and add your initials or embroider flowers on the dress. The only limit is your imagination and everything depends on the individual preferences of the owner.

Styling with a shirt dress

Making a shirt dress yourself is a great idea on how to create fashionable clothes from an unnecessary men’s shirt. Oversize cut will hide all shortcomings of your figure, and the belt will emphasize your waistline. By undoing the last few buttons at the neckline, you will emphasize the bust and give your figure an hourglass shape. Definite advantages of this dress are its lightness and airiness, which make it perfect for summer outfits. Pair it with delicate sandals with a small heel in a beige shade or your favorite ballerinas. This way you will break the masculine element of your outfit and give it a feminine, very sexy expression. All you need is a handbag with a gold chain and you’re ready to go! You can also wear the shirt dress on colder days – then pair it with blue jeans with a tapered leg.

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