Do you know how to make a striking and stylish pillow yourself?

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Do you want to refresh your interior a bit? Spice up its decor? Or maybe you want to make it more cosy? It’s perfect, because you can easily achieve all this – thanks to impressive cushions! Find out how to make them.

A cushion is a practical design element. After all, you can use it to support your back while you watch a film or read a book, or you can put it under your head and take a nap. But that’s not all – it’ll also help you decorate your living room or bedroom in a very eye-catching way!


Soft and fluffy fabrics are great for autumn and winter. That’s when you feel like cuddling up in a hairy cushion after a cold walk and wrapping yourself in an equally hairy blanket. Thanks to such materials, you can also add a bit of cosiness and warmth to your interior. In the spring, and especially in the summer, everyone prefers to cuddle up to a fabric that is cool and velvety to the touch, which is why silk or moisture-absorbing cotton work better in this period.


You can add a unique character to each pillow by enhancing it with different elements. Lace will go well with grandma’s shabby chic style, tassels and pompoms with boho, and decorative quilting will be perfect for glamour interiors.

How to make a pillow?

You need fabric, selected accessories, an old pillow or acrylic filler, as well as thread, a needle, a pencil and scissors.

The easiest way is to model a pillow you already have or simply mark the desired size on the fabric. To do this, fold the fabric in half, trace the pillow on the “left” side and cut it out. Then, using a needle and thread, sew the two pieces of fabric together leaving a small opening through which you will insert the pillow filler. After filling the pillow, sew the hole and decorate it with the chosen elements. Done!

How to quickly decorate an old pillow? Below you will find a video by youtuber Dainty Diaries, who shows you how to make striking pompoms.

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