How to repurpose old wood and metal furniture?

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Fashion returns like a boomerang every few decades. Currently, the living rooms are dominated by an atmosphere straight from the People’s Republic of Poland, which means that it is time to go down to the basement to dig out and rearrange the old chest of drawers or wall unit. Many of us still keep old furniture, which now, after years can be useful to create a unique interior. See how to rework and refresh the furniture of the grandparents

Cracked lacquer

In old lacquered furniture, the most common problem is cracked or chipping varnish. Over many years and kept in unsuitable conditions, the coating on the furniture deteriorates and ceases to look aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, you can fix this in a very easy way. All you need to do is completely sand off the existing old raw wood varnish and reapply it. This is also an opportunity to change the color of the wood, for example, as you can treat it with a wood preservative or wood stain before re-painting. This way, you can also upgrade an antique piece of furniture and match it with the rest of your home furnishings. After sanding and possibly painting the wood a different color, you can apply varnish to the furniture, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

Too little storage space

We often find that there is not enough storage space in the furniture of the past, making it impractical. However, there is a very simple way around this. You can increase the amount of space for baskets, boxes and trinkets by installing additional shelves in the cabinet. If you put ordinary shelves on the rods furniture boardswhich you can successfully buy in the construction store, furniture store or online. Thanks to them you can divide one high shelf into two lower ones and thus gain a lot of new space. You can also place the panels vertically and divide the shelves into segments. This possibility gives you total freedom to customize even old cabinets to your needs. It is not only the Swedish furniture store that offers you the possibility to personalize your furniture!

Reworking metal parts

Furniture with metal components is problematic because steel cutting is not something that anyone can do. It requires professional equipment and skills that are not acquired overnight. Tin or steel pieces are much easier to simply put in the hands of a professional or, if there is a possibility, to unscrew and place elsewhere. Without cutting metal, you can rework such items by painting them a different color or deforming the sheet metal in a modern way. Without cutting, you can remake metal furniture or its elements quite inexpensively. You can also make them into other ornaments or completely new furniture. There will be a new use for everything, especially if you remove the old paint and cover the metal with a new layer, it will take on a whole new character.

Reworking old furniture is a very environmentally friendly practice that gives us a chance to reduce smog emissions, water and soil pollution. The production of new furniture requires tens of thousands of liters of water, cutting down trees and a lot of energy to power the production machines. If ecology is close to your heart, you like vintage style and DIY, you will enjoy making furniture from years ago. This way you can also save a lot of money, instead of buying more furniture and throwing away beautiful antiques that can be restored and create an interior with soul in your home

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