A cat accessory you can make at home

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In pet stores and markets you will find a wide range of assortments that provide entertainment and comfort for household pets. They can cost quite a lot, and dogs or cats will bring them to ruin in a short time. If you know how to make your own dog bed, bowl stand or cat scratcher, you will not only fill your free time but also save some money.

When cats are not sleeping or eating, they love to play. Their owners spoil them with more and more toys, which the furries quickly lose interest in. When they have too much inert energy and unsharpened claws, they often start scratching the furniture. In this situation it is best to get a special scratching post. It can be easily made at home. Besides, it will be small, mobile, and depending on your skills, aesthetic

You need two pieces of wood and a thick jute or sisal rope. You can use an already finished piece of unused furniture. In addition, you will need a saw, a hand stapler (staple gun), glue, sandpaper, paint and a nail gun

Decide how tall, long and wide you want your scratching post to be. Consider the space you have available and the needs of your pet. Cut out two pieces of wood. Join them together with glue or a nail gun to form a T, or L, but at less than a 90˚ angle. Sand the wood neatly with sandpaper. Paint it as you wish. When the paint is dry, take the rope, stapler and glue. Use a stapler to attach the end of the rope to the reverse side. Cover the top of the wood with glue. Start at the top or bottom. Tie the board tightly several times, in a few places (only on the back of the board, you don’t want the cat’s claws catching on the metal) securing it with staples

You’ll get a similar effect by joining several pieces of pvc pipe together and attaching the rope to them with glue. By expanding the elements mentioned above, you can create a fantastic entertainment and recreation tree for your cat. Your pet will never be bored again!

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Main photo: Eric Han/ unsplash.com

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