Not only live flowers – check how else to style a vase

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Do you have a vase at home, but putting a simple bouquet of flowers in it seems too banal? We offer a handful of inspirations that prove that a glass vase does not have to be boring!

Fresh flowers trimmed in an unusual way

Putting fresh flowers in a vase and making them into a beautiful decoration is the most obvious idea for using a vase. If you think it’s too cliché, you can trim the fresh flowers in such a way that they fit whole in the vase. They will certainly create an interesting composition this way.

Artificial flowers

If you don’t like or don’t want to keep live flowers at home or don’t have time to care for them, it’s worth replacing them with artificial ones. This way you can enjoy at home plants that are not found in our latitude at any given time of the year.


Candles placed in a glass vase can make the interior cozy. For the best effect, put several candles of different heights in one large vase. However, make sure that the burning candles do not stand too close to the glass, as this can create a black residue on the vase.

Pampas grass

If you like minimalist interior design, putting pampas grass in the vase will be a great solution. It is an extremely simple decoration that gives a spectacular effect. You can buy the grass from a florist or online, and in autumn you can harvest it in nearby meadows.

Dried plants

Compositions of dried flowers, plants, fruits and grasses can look just as beautiful as fresh flowers. Their only drawback is that they quickly collect dust. However, there is a way around this! Arrange dried plants in a beautiful arrangement, then cover it with a vase turned upside down.

Dried leaves

Staying in the theme of dried decorations, we can’t help but mention dried leaves. Most often, those from eucalyptus or palm trees are used for vase compositions. For a better effect, they can be covered with gold, silver or copper colored lacquer.

Decorative stones

Decorative stones look very good in glass vases. If you want to fill the entire space of the vase, start by putting the largest stones at the very bottom, and the smallest at the top.

Forest in a jar

You can use a glass vase as a place for your private forest. To make it, you will need the right substrate (stones and soil) to drain water. Plants, on the other hand, should like moisture and be small in size. Moss can serve as an addition to the empty spaces, which will further help stabilize the microclimate.

Decorative sand

In a transparent vase, decorative sand compositions look perfect. It can be found in all the colors of the rainbow, and what kind of compositions we create depends only on our imagination. It can be a delicate ombre, fancy stripes or triangles.

main photo: Kristensen

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