New trend: headscarves tied around the head – here’s how to wear them in style

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Head scarves have dominated the latest Versace, Dior, Conner Ives, Max Mary, Paco Rabanne and Anna Sui shows. Could the renaissance of this head accessory supplant the now popular velvet and pearl headbands or the multicolored, airy scrunchies? Time will tell, but for sure scarves are slowly becoming another hit of this summer.

Once again we return to our beloved 60s and the style of fashion queens Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. This time, we are not talking about turbans with scarves, braids or ponytails instead of hair elastics, but about silk scarves, which are tied up at the neck or at the back of the head.

Several associations with this trend may come to mind. One is our grandmothers, for whom this was once the main headgear, hence the colloquial name for wearing scarves as a “babushka”. Another is Queen Elizabeth II, whose shawl in this form has accompanied her since her youth. Still another are women from the 40s, 50s or 60s wearing cat eye sunglasses with a beautiful scarf on her head, often wrapped also around her neck, the ends of which are loosely blowing in the wind when she drives with her beloved convertible into the unknown.

Here are some of the most fashionable ways to tie a scarf on your head:

The retro star

This is the most classic and elegant tying. Paired with sunglasses and a polka dot dress, it creates an outright fairytale look, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t go with a shirt and matching pants. It will be perfect for a ride in a convertible, scooter, motorboat or a boat trip, as well as on windy and sunny beaches.

Tied under the chin

A more casual version. One of the easiest to tie. Perfect for the beach, protecting your head from the sun’s rays while you sunbathe in style.

Tie at the nape of the neck

One of the most comfortable options. You can completely hide your hair underneath it or let your fringe hang loose. A great choice for hiking in the mountains.

Knotted at the top of the head

Another version of the scarf tied at the nape of the neck. This version allows you to accessorize your headdress by using the ends of the scarf to make a cute bow.

70s style.

If you’re a bit of a hippie, this look is perfect for you. It is a combination of style and elegance with a touch of craziness and fun.

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