7 Hairstyles that will be a great option for New Year’s Eve parties

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The hairstyle is a very important element of any outfit, especially on New Year’s Eve. Without it, even the most beautiful dress would lose its lustre. You should therefore take the time to choose the right hair style, which is sure to impress everybody at your New Year’s Eve party.

There is no doubt that the hair style for the New Year’s Eve party should be dazzling. For some people this is the most important night of the year and they want to look their best on New Year’s Eve. This year, we are going for natural hairstyles and say no to tons of hairspray, gel, and glitter!


Braids have not been out of fashion for many years. No wonder, there are so many different ways to braid your hair. Traditional braids, French braids, bubble braids… There are tons of ideas! Loose braids are the order of the day this season and offer a more airy feel to any hairstyle. Start braiding your hair and then lightly run your fingers through it. This hairstyle is the hit of the season!


A storm of curls is a hairstyle that is definitely impressive and fits perfectly into the trend of naturalness. The curls are not meant to be perfectly natural. Unruly strands of hair falling across your forehead only add to the charm. There are many different ways to create curls: using a curling iron, curlers, teasing irons or even a strip from your robe! Let your creativity flow!


If you prefer a more subtle effect, go for the trendy soft waves. This Hollywood hairstyle adds a touch of class and style. You don’t need a curling iron for this style, all you need are thick rollers which you can roll in your hair for three hours and then comb through with your fingers.

High ponytail

If you’re a fan of bound hair that won’t get in the way while you’re having fun, a high ponytail tied at the top of your head is for you. If done right, this style will last all night and won’t need touching up. This ponytail will make you feel like another Ariana Grande!

Parted in the Middle

If fancy updos and braided hairstyles are not your style, you may prefer the classic undone look with a middle parting. All you need to do is comb your hair well and create the parting. Sometimes, simplicity is power!

Low ponytail

If you feel bad in a high ponytail, you can replace it with a lower ponytail. This hairstyle is extremely simple yet elegant. All you have to do is brush your hair thoroughly and tie it low. You can do it with an elastic band that will match the rest of your outfit or hide it under your hair.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you think that short hair is impossible to conjure up for New Year’s Eve, you’re wrong! Shape your hair by gently lifting it up at the roots and curl individual strands using a curling iron. You can also gently tousle it with your hands and fix it with styling products.

Main Photo: Artem Kniaz/unsplash.com

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