How can you make timely jewelry yourself?

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Timely jewelry will adorn any style. Jewelry in jewelry stores is usually expensive. Fortunately, you can make interesting jewelry designs yourself, without spending a lot of money! Check out our suggestions for top handmade jewelry which you can make yourself at home!

Elegant earrings

Beautiful earrings you make at home can look just like those from a jeweler! You will need a base for your earrings, such as a fishbone clasp. English clasps are also suitable and can be matched with Swarovski stones. You can match the earrings with any pendants you like, which you can buy at an artists’ or jewelers’ store. Many online stores sell wholesale and retail pendants, made of silver or stainless steel. Surgical steel is very fashionable these days as it does not wear off or fade. It is suitable for people who are allergic to silver or nickel. Very fashionable are pendants in the shape of leaves or flowers. Many of them have also elegant stones. The pendant is connected with earring clasp by one or more links of chain. Very interesting are also earrings with several pendants of similar shape or color.

In this season very fashionable are trumps. They look beautiful in the shape of a round earring which has places for placing links with hooks or pendants attached to them. Round earring bases are easy to combine with a clasp such as an open earwire or stick, which ends in a so-called ramekin. The ramekin prevents the earring from falling out. It can be purchased as a set together with earrings posts. They have a small ring attached to them so that it is easy to attach both the base of the earring and the chain or pendant.

Minimalistic bracelet

Delicate chain bracelets are still very fashionable. You can combine them with unique charms. They are very easy to make. If you do not have access to any ready made charms you can buy pendants and connect them with small snap hooks. Then you attach the charms to the bracelet with a chain as a base. At the end of the bracelet you attach a snap hook to one side of the bracelet. At the end of the bracelet on one side you attach a snap hook to the bracelet. The clasps are very durable and they can be easily fixed to a bracelet made of a string or a bracelet on a chain.

Many women like to wear bracelets made of cord or thong. In this case you will need a clasp or a clasp closure. These have a tube on one side with a hole for attaching the cord. The other side is closed and has a small metal ring. You can put a snap hook or other type of clasp on it. To be sure, it is advisable to additionally glue thong to the clasp, so that it does not fall out. For jewelry made of string or thong use fabric glue. It is colorless and dries quickly. You can braid the strings together in various ways and add beads to them. Small beads made of painted ceramic or glass look beautiful. They sparkle wonderfully and make the bracelet very original

Elegant necklace with beads

A great idea is to make your own necklace. You can make it with a chain of a chosen length, colorful beads and a pendant, which will be the finial of the whole decoration. Between the links of the chain add beads threaded through a thin wire with a link. Its shade can be easily matched to the color of the chain. A link is made on one end and the other part is straight. Just thread the bead on the wire and bend it so that it has a round shape. Connect both ends to the chain. Follow the same process with more beads. In the middle of the necklace, attach the pendant or charm of your choice with a snap hook. If the necklace is short, you will need a clasp. You can choose between magnetic clasps and classic snap hooks

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