How to make a beach bag yourself?

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and as a result, we will be eagerly going to the beach as well. Then a beach bag is indispensable. We will show you how to make it yourself.

It has to be practical, capacious, but also simply pretty. On the market we can get many ready-made models of beach bags, but if we make it ourselves, we will have much more satisfaction and a chance that it will be maximally unique.

Are you looking for a perfect bag for the beach? Make it yourself

It depends on our individual preferences what fabric we decide to sew the beach bag from, but an interesting idea is to make it from a waterproof material. After all, we are going to be on the beach, close to the water, and we will probably want to pack a wet swimsuit in our bag.

The DIY method is a very popular trend nowadays, otherwise known as “do it yourself”, which promotes the idea connected with making various things independently and non-commercially. Within this idea, you can also create a practical beach bag

How to sew a beach bag yourself? Step by step instructions:

We liked the idea shared on a vlog on YouTube, showing how to make a beach bag from waterproof paper

To make the bag you need to prepare the webbing, and a piece of waterproof paper (here you can buy paper with a pattern of your choice, e.g. palm leaves – the pattern is clearly associated with summer and vacations) with dimensions of 50×90 cm and four squares slightly wider than the webbing

We must also prepare, of course, and sewing accessories (needles, thread, scissors). Then we mark the location of the handle 17 cm from the shorter edge and 10 cm from the longer edge. Cover the ends of the tape with squares cut out of previously prepared paper and sew them on both sides of the bag

Fold the bag in half and pin the sides together. After sewing them together form the bottom, folding the paper so that an isosceles triangle is formed on the edge, the height of which will be the seam. Remember that the width of the base of the triangle determines the width of the bottom of your bag. Next, form the same triangle on the other side of the bag – now you need to stitch both along the base. Then, we carefully turn the bag right side out, starting at the place of side seams, gently, so as not to tear the stitched paper. Then you can definitely crumple up the bag and push it to the right side. Finally, turn the edge back to the left side for about 2 cm, then wrap its wider part. And we have ready, unique, waterproof bag that we can take to the beach.

Capacious, practical, functional and unique – such will be the beach bag created by yourself

A trip to the beach, even if it is a spontaneous decision, can be completed on the proverbial last button, if we pack necessary things into a beach bag. The sun is blazing, so you need to pack sunglasses, sunscreen with high UV protection, but also some tanning oil. Many people like to read on the beach, so it’s worth to pack an interesting book to the beach bag

If you made a spacious bag yourself, you don’t have to worry that you won’t have enough space for anything and you’ll have to pack food in plastic bags. The beach bag made by yourself is a great thing, and also a great satisfaction, because certainly no one will have the same, which unfortunately could happen if we bought it in some popular chain store.

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