Kitchen accessories to take with you on your travels

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The abundance of kitchen accessories, including cookware dedicated to tourists, can make your head spin. Therefore, we analyzed what equipment to take with you on shorter and longer trips.

Thermos – a tourist must have

It is hard to imagine any outdoor trip without a thermos bottle. In it you can find warming tea, strong coffee or aromatic soup. The latter is best poured into a thermos food jug. It will also be perfect for storing hot bigos, cured meat or goulash. This is undoubtedly a nice change from the classic sandwiches. Naturally, when we think of thermoses we think of hot drinks and dishes. However, we often forget that thermal insulation is also good for cold drinks, so a thermos is also worth having in the summer! Of course thermoses differ from each other in capacity, thermal properties or types of plugs.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are also great for travel or excursions. They are cheap, light and available in many sizes. We can put fresh fruit, vegetables and also snacks into them. Such a plastic container with delicacies can be taken with you to the beach, on the trail or on a bicycle trip.

Travel kits

Thinking about those who often dine outdoors, we have prepared a wide range of equipment, including those that allow you to prepare a meal using a tourist stove. These are various types of aluminum, steel, titanium, as well as cast iron cookware. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some, such as titanium and aluminum cookware, are appreciated for their light weight. On the other hand, steel or cast iron cookware is much more durable and resistant to damage. We can choose from very elaborate sets as well as very basic proposals. A coffee cup is unlikely to be in them, but we will get mugs, plates, cutlery, pots, lids, and even frying pans. An alternative to ready-made sets is buying individual pieces. In this case, we will certainly choose dishes tailored to individual needs, but we risk that the items will not be compatible and will take up more space in the backpack than a well thought-out outdoor set.

When completing the kitchen equipment, it is worth adjusting it to the type and length of the expedition, the size of luggage we can take, and individual needs. You can also look for unusual, multifunctional solutions, such as sport cutlery, i.e. spoon-forks, which are also knives, or pot lids, which serve as plates. However, no matter which accessories we choose, it is certain that a meal eaten in beautiful natural surroundings acquires an exceptional taste.

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