Light jeans in autumn – how to style them ingeniously?

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Although we usually associate bright jeans with the warm seasons, nothing prevents you from wearing them also in autumn. This is convinced by French it-girls, for whom white pants are the basis of many successful styles. We present a handful of inspirations that will allow you to create successful combinations with bright jeans, even when it is gray and gloomy outside the window.

To colorful sweaters or sweatshirts

Colorful sweaters and sweatshirts in Nordic or abstract patterns are an absolute hit of the coming season. It is with them that you should match bright jeans, and we guarantee that the result will look captivating. If you prefer unbuttoned cardigans, nothing lost. They, too, will look good in combination with such pants. To this, heavy platform shoes, and on colder days – a wool coat.

To a leather coat

Light jeans look just as good in combination with a coat made of leather or imitation leather. It does not have to be black. Chocolate, caramel and burgundy shades will fit perfectly into the autumn aura. Under the coat, fashionistas advise wearing neutral white tops, which will make the styling a bit more minimalist. On your feet you can put clogs (don’t be afraid to wear socks with them), and in colder days emu or UGG.

To a trench

Trench is certainly a favorite autumn coat of many of us. Nothing prevents you from matching it with light-colored jeans. Such styling will work for any occasion, and moreover, it never goes out of fashion. An absolute hit of the season will be a beige coat combined with bright wide-leg or bell-bottom pants. Add to it long earrings and we have a fashion hit!

To denim

For several seasons now, the denim total look has not gone out of fashion. Such styling is a good way to sneak bright jeans in. Mixing together different shades of this material and making them into layers is a way to get a really good look. For white jeans, wear a shirt sewn from darker denim, and over it a denim catana. The icing on the cake should be cowboy boots, which will add claw to the whole look.

To a wool jacket and boots

Autumn is conducive to wearing warmer materials, such as wool. A warm oversize jacket, plain or checked, will look great with light jeans. Underneath, we can put a bodysuit with interesting and eye-catching cutouts. The whole look will be complemented by military-style boots, which will make the styling more characterful. Add gold circle earrings and a small handbag. Styling for a date is ready!

To a knitted vest

Knitted vests have many loyal fans. It’s worth taking a closer look at them, as they are one of the dominant trends for the autumn-winter 2022/23 season. If you don’t have any ideas what to wear them with, for a good start we recommend pairing them with light-colored jeans. Depending on your preference, choose a voluminous vest in an intense color or in a fine plaid weave. Add to it a baguette bag and your favorite sneakers and we have the most fashionable styling this fall!

What bright jeans to choose?

Among the most fashionable cuts of jeans for the coming season, straight-legged and high-waisted pants reign supreme. Equally fashionable are balloon jeans and bell bottoms. If you are comfortable with the aesthetics of the 2000s, it is worth betting on bright cargo pants.

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