Sunglasses chain is a practical and fashion gadget. How to make it yourself?

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Have you ever lost your beloved sunglasses? Or maybe they fell off your head while you were taking a picture and shattered or fell into a place where you couldn’t get them out? In these cases, an eyeglass chain comes in handy. It also happens to be a very popular fashion gadget lately. Celebrities and influencers wear them classically around the neck or hanging loosely in front, like earrings or a necklace hanging from their glasses. You can easily make such a chain at home.

Simple and elegant

Use any gold or silver chain you already have at home (but remember it can’t be too short) It can be plain, with just links, or decorated with pearls, stones and other beads, or even with a pendant.

Apart from that you will need:

  • single links
  • rubber bands for glasses
  • pliers

Place the single links on the ends of the chain using the pliers. Then fix the rubber bands to the links by tightening them firmly. And you are done!

Make beads according to your own design

This time you have the chance to make your own chain from the beginning to the end. You can opt for an elegant form, using fashionable pearls or colorful in boho style The choice is yours.

For this purpose you will need:

  • steel cord, fishing line or string
  • small and large single links (if necessary)
  • rubber bands for glasses
  • any beads, pearls, rhinestones, tassels, ornaments of your choice
  • pliers

Thread the chosen elements in any configuration. At the ends of the line place single links or attach them directly to the rubber bands to glasses. You can also mount a large link at the end of the line and attach additional, shorter links on both sides. This way you will create something like earrings/breakers and thus an additional decorative element. On the market you can also find sunglasses with only such short version of chains. They are worn among others by Izabela Janachowska. You can get inspired by this trend and create something like this as well.

Made of braided strings

For a change, you can opt for a lighter fabric version. Make a chain for your glasses from strings, which you braid as you like (you can also add a “stitch” with beads to them) exactly the way bracelets are fashionable today.

You will need:

  • braiding strings in the color of your choice
  • rubber bands for glasses (of your choice)
  • beads, pearls, crystals (if desired)

Depending on your choice, you can use either a loop of string or a special rubber band (this solution is more stable). Make a loop and place the rubber band on it (or not) and braid the strings as desired. Finish the chain with the same ending. Done!

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Main photo: Jeremy Moeller/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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