Kinderbal – here’s a pinch of diy decoration ideas

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Kindergarten is a kid’s party that needs the right setting. Here are inspiring ideas for inexpensive and glamorous decorations that are sure to delight little and big guests!

DIY tissue paper pompoms

Fluffy, multicolored tissue paper pompoms are iconic decorations that can’t be missed at children’s birthday parties. What’s important, they are trivial to prepare – even a person with no manual skills whatsoever will manage to make these charming decorations

To make pompoms we can use crinkle or classic tissue paper. First we need to cut the material into 10 rectangles with dimensions of 25 × 40 cm. Then fold the strips of tissue paper in the so-called accordion and round their ends a bit with scissors. Tie the accordions in the middle and separate subsequent layers of tissue paper, forming them so that they gain volume.

That’s it – the pompoms are ready to hang over the sweet buffet!

DIY Flagellation Garland

Beautiful decorations that will enhance any kinderbal are also garlands – you can place them over the entrance to the child’s room, the front door of the house or use them to decorate the garden if the party is held outdoors

How to make your own garland with flags? You need to trace and cut out colorful triangles of fabric (using the previously prepared cardboard template – to make it, just fold in half an A4 sheet of paper and cut out a triangle with scissors). Then arrange the two triangles with the patterned side out, sew on the machine and iron. The last step is to sew the triangles to the edging, put them one next to the other (you can help with pins).

Birthday banner with the inscription DIY

An obligatory element of the setting is a birthday banner with the child’s name or wishes. Use for this purpose an elegant pearl paper with a subtle shine

Where to start? From preparing a letter template. We can design the inscription in a graphic program or MS Word text editor. It is worth making each letter on a separate sheet of paper (A4 format), tracing it from the printed template, and then cutting it out from the decorative paper.

The next step is to cut out, for example, triangular flags, on which we stick the letters (every second flag may have a different color for variety). Finally, make holes in each flag with a hole punch, pull a decorative ribbon or jute string through them and the banner is ready.

Paper cups-animals for the drinks

How to make cute cups with animals motif that will make the party buffet more attractive and encourage the youngest guests to reach for juices and lemonade? All you need to do is cut out the ears of a bunny for a cup from grey paper (using one of the ready-made patterns available online)

Then cut out a black nose in the shape of a triangle. Glue everything to a colored mug, draw a smiley face and that’s it. An alternative to a hare can be any other animal that the little birthday boy likes, e.g. a ladybug – then you just need to cut out and glue to red cups black dots and movable plastic eyes (you can buy them in a store with scrapbooking accessories).

Decorative number for the birthday DIY

How to make a decorative number informing all the participants of the birthday party about the new age of the birthday boy? Simply cut out a number from cardboard, paint it with acrylic paint in your child’s favourite color and decorate it with glittering confetti or sequins – attach the glittering flecks using a hot glue gun. If you want, you can decorate the birthday digit with baby photos, bows or mini pom poms.

We hope that thanks to our tips kinderbal will be successful, and the prepared decorations will bring a wide smile on the face of the child.

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