What types of braids are there and how to braid each one?

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Looking for a timeless and versatile hairstyle for any occasion? The braid is the perfect answer! Learn about the different braided hairstyles and how to create one yourself with our simple tips.

The braid is one of those hair styles, which never grows out of fashion. The braid is one of those hairstyles which never go out of style, not least because there are countless hairstyles, which every woman can customise to her liking. Loose and nonchalant braiding or classic and elegant? The choice is yours! In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to braid the most fashionable braids. The braided hairstyle is easy to create.

How do you create classic and timeless braids?

Braiding is definitely back in fashion! It makes sense to know how to braid the all-around basic braid types. The classic braid is the ideal hairstyle for going out and for the office. These braided hairstyles are particularly suitable for those days when your hair is unmanageable and a braid is the only way to get it into place. Let’s get started!

  1. The Classic English Braid

This is the most traditional and basic type of braid. You divide your hair into 3 equal strands and alternate them – starting with the right strand over the middle one, then the left strand over the middle one. Start with the right strand over the middle one, then the left strand over the middle one

  1. French Braid

Although the braiding principle is similar to the classic braid, the French version starts with small strands near the top of the head. With each subsequent move, a thin strand is selected from the side and joined to the outer strand, continuing all the way to the end

  1. Dutch Braid

This is the second type of pigtail braid, which is also known as an inverted braid. This one is braided in the same way as the French braid, but instead of placing a strand above the middle strand, you place one underneath. The Dutch braid can also be done without any matching hair strands

  1. The Spike / Herringbone Braid

The first step is to divide your hair into two equal parts. Separate thin strands of hair from the left and then from the right side. Alternatively, you may decide to modify the herringbone braid slightly and start at the top of your head to create a herringbone pattern.

This season’s most fashionable braid styles, which you must know!

Braided hairstyles were a feature in many of the biggest designers’ fashion shows. This season, there is plenty to inspire you. Here are some fresh catwalk trends to spice up your hairstyle.

  1. Lina

This hairstyle looks like a thick rope and can be easily created by twisting both strands to the left around your axis and then moving them in opposite directions (to the right). A high ponytail braid is just as effective

  1. Waterfall Braid

Also known as waterfall braid. This very soft and girly braid combines braids with loose hair. You create the braid from three thin strands starting from the temples. Bring the bottom strand of hair over the middle strand and add some loose hair to the top strand. Repeat until you reach the middle of your head and secure with an elastic. Do the same on the other side and finally join the braids together

  1. The Mermaid Braid

You can also find this one under the name mermaid braid. This braid is based on a spike. Use very thin strands of hair for this braid and then increase the volume of the braid by pulling out and loosening a few strands

  1. Crown Braid

This is a type of pigtail braid which requires a little practice. You create the crown braid by parting your hair in half and weaving two braids around your head. You may like to add bobby pins to hold the braid in place

Above all, braids are easy to wear and very feminine. What’s more, the wide variety of braids allows you to find the perfect hairstyle for any outfit and occasion. The English or Dutch braid is a great idea for everyday hairstyles for work or shopping. The English or Dutch braid is quick to style and does not require clips or hairspray. If you are going to a friend’s birthday party you may braid a waterfall braid for more volume. Choose the one that you like the most!

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