Why should we pay attention to sustainable fashion?

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Increasingly, the term “sustainable fashion” is being bandied about in the media. At first glance, it seems to be inherently at odds with the traditional world of fashion, but is that really the case? Is there room for it on the catwalks and in our closets?

The fashion industry has always set the latest trends and is one of the biggest polluters. Reports show that it is the second most polluting industry in the world, right after oil. The rapid changes in fashion trends make it so harmful and have a devastating impact on the environment. Previously, there was rather little talk about sustainability in this industry and it seemed that the two worlds could not come together. And yet, there is more and more talk about sustainable fashion

What is sustainable fashion?

Many people confuse sustainable fashion with ethical fashion. The two concepts are related in some way, but it’s worth distinguishing between them at this point. The concept of sustainability refers to the environmental impact of clothing production. Ethical fashion, on the other hand, refers to how clothing is produced. Here we include how the materials are made, whether animals were used in their creation and how the people working in sewing rooms and clothing factories are treated. The basic premise of sustainability is that clothing should be produced in such a way as to cause the least possible harm to the environment

Which brands are working with sustainability?

The problem of harmful effects of the fashion industry is really huge. However, there are brands that realize the consequences that a lack of awareness and action to protect the environment can lead to, so they are already adapting their businesses to the changes. Not for image reasons, but because they see long-term benefits in it. Every year, thousands of tons of clothes are thrown away with household waste, and 95% of them could be recycled

Utilizing waste is a very financially beneficial financial model. The guru of recycled materials is undoubtedly Stella McCartney. Since her entry into the market in 2001, she has continuously created sustainable, ethical and on-trend collections that do not destroy the planet

E.L.V Denim is another brand that leads by example. It offers jeans sewn from deadstock that was previously discarded. Denim is one of the most polluting fabrics in the world, a lot of water is used to produce it, so it makes sense to bet on recycled fabric. In 2013, H&M became the first fashion brand in the world to introduce a global initiative that allowed customers to throw their unwanted clothes or fabric into specially prepared bins that were located in H&M stores. It doesn’t matter the brand or condition of the clothes. The initiative is all the more relevant because it was introduced by a chain that is famous for producing a lot of clothes. Similarly, Zara encourages shoppers to recycle their used clothes so that they can be used again. To that end, in 2016, Zara created a collection of sustainably produced accessories. And by the end of 2020, they were developing a plan to no longer send anything to landfill from their headquarters, logistics centers, stores or factories.

How do you become a sustainability champion?

To such an important question – the answer is very simple. Buy and choose brands that support sustainability. This way you may not give up on replenishing your closet with new trends. Also, do not support the production of harmful, non-recyclable materials. Sell or recycle clothes that you no longer wear so that they are not unnecessary trash.

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