11 Hair Style Ideas for Short Hair

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There are not many hair style ideas for women with short hair. Still, more and more women decide to cut their hair to sharpen their facial features and to give themselves a distinctive flair. What do you wear with short hair?

Flowers in your hair

If you are looking for a special occasion hairstyle, you may like to incorporate live or artificial flowers into your hair. Match the color of the flowers with the rest of your hairstyle and you are sure to make an impression! This unusual accessory adds a lot of charm to your hairstyle.


The shiny Alice band is the ideal accessory to add a little glamour to your look. The silver or gold model will make you look like a real princess. For everyday wear, however, you may opt for a fabric headband, which not only adds to your charm but also has a practical function.


Now there is something for you if you love the romantic look. Natural finger waves are easy to create with short hair. They suit everyone regardless of age and style. This hairstyle is perfect for both big events and everyday wear.

The fringe

If you have short hair with bangs, you don’t have to work hard to find a unique hairstyle. The classics look their best. Simply straighten your hair or gently fringe the ends. The wow effect is guaranteed!

Retro Hairstyles

Short hair is made for retro hairstyles. So if you’re a fan of this cool style, go for it! You can try vintage style waves or stylish bangs.


The braid combines simplicity and elegance. And on short hair this type of hairstyle can look really special. You may decide to braid your bangs and the rest of your hair straight or with finger waves. You can also braid on the side of your head above your ear or horizontally at the back.


The list of best hairstyles for short hair would not be complete without classic curls. A storm of large or small springs goes well with elegant evening dresses as well as with airy summer dresses. This classic hairstyle never fails to appeal.

The Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Inspired by the stars of the 1950s and 1960s you are guaranteed to look great. The Marilyn Monroe look emphasises feminine grace and class and combined with red lipstick makes you look like a million dollars!

Side-Swept Hair

Short side hair is still very much in fashion. It allows you to easily create the glamorous effect. You may like to place a flower or a decorative pin in the side hair to make it even more special.

Embellished hair clips

If you prefer a minimalistic yet glamorous hair style you may decide to use hair clips. These hair clips come in many different designs and colors so you are sure to find the right one for you. This is an idea for a really quick and simple hairstyle.


The classic bob cut looks great on short hair. The bob can be styled in many different ways as it looks great both straightened and curly. The bob looks very elegant and feminine.

main photo: unsplash.com/Tim Mossholder

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