With our help you can make a beautiful bouquet for the wedding yourself

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When you hire a florist, you not only get a quote for the flowers, but also for the labor put into making the flower arrangements. So, if you can reduce the labor cost by making your own bouquet, you will spend much less money. With a limited wedding budget, these tips will be helpful for you.

You can adjust the color scheme of your bouquet to suit the overall theme of your wedding, but generally stick to set tones so that all the elements make a harmonious whole. When choosing flowers, you should definitely think about what varieties will be in season on your wedding day. For example, peonies have a very short growing season, so they are incredibly expensive at certain times of the year and unavailable during the hot summer months. Hydrangeas, on the other hand, are grown in greenhouses year-round, which makes them less expensive because they are more readily available. Basically, when seasonal flowers are in season , they are the best quality and the cheapest!

What you need: Flower scissors, florist tape, bouquet pins, decorative ribbon or tape, flowers of your choice, containers of water

Buy flowers at the flower market (go there early in the morning!), at your local florist or you can order them online. Prepare your work space. A large table, a kitchen worktop, or a place on a balcony or in the garden will be most comfortable. Keep flowers in containers with water.

Choose a few (2-4) flowers that will form its base. Remove any leaves or thorns from them. Tie them together so that about 10 cm of the stems remain exposed at the bottom. When choosing flowers for the bouquet, make sure that their stems are the same length. Wrap the bouquet with a ribbon all the time to make sure it will stick well.

To create an interesting composition, mix textures and colors together. Wrap the whole with a decorative ribbon or tape, covering the floral one. Add a bow and you’re done! Store the flowers in water, in a cool, shaded place. They will stay fresh until the ceremony.

You can find tons of inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram! Here are a few of them:

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