How do I clean the salt marks on my shoes?

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The stains left by road salt are capable of damaging even very durable natural leather shoes. Find out how to non-invasively remove salt marks from your shoes

If you react quickly to salt stains, you are able to deal with them, even if they are extensive. By doing things the right way, you won’t damage your shoes. Here are some homemade and professional ways to deal with this kind of contamination.

Use a bread crust

One of the most famous ways to clean road salt from your shoes at home is to use a bread crust, or rather the inside of it. The bread crust will help to absorb the salt contamination easily.

Water with vinegar can help

To clean salt stains located on natural leather shoes, you can successfully use a solution prepared from one tablespoon of vinegar and a glass of water. It will not discolor the leather, but it will help to remove the stains. You also do not have to worry about the smell – it evaporates very quickly

Water with dishwashing liquid is a good idea

You can try to remove salt stains with the help of water and dishwashing liquid. All you need to do is to combine five drops of the liquid with half a glass of water. Wipe the mixture on the shoe and give it time to dry. If necessary, repeat the process

Or do you have milk at home?

If so, heat it up – warm milk is an old grandma’s method for cleaning shoes from road salt. Soak a soft cloth in warm milk and wipe the spot with it. This is a very effective method, but it will probably need to be repeated if the stain is large.

Lemon juice

You can clean winter leather shoes from salt stains using a 1:1 mixture of water and lemon juice

Professional cleaning products

Home remedies for cleaning leather shoes have their benefits, but it’s no secret that the most effective will be to use professional care products. You can find them in shoe stores or in the offer of online stores. Pay attention when you are going to choose a cleaner whether it is designed for the type of shoes you have

What about suede shoes?

Cleaning shoes made of suede is definitely more difficult than those made of leather. Suede has a hairy texture that is easily damaged by contact with salt, as well as during subsequent cleaning. For this reason, you should be careful. First, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth to get rid of superficial dirt. When the shoes have dried, use a special rubber brush designed for cleaning suede. This will remove any salt residue. Remove the remaining sodium chloride with a cloth dampened in warm milk or a water and vinegar mixture. Finally, set the shoes aside to dry, but never dry them on a radiator or in a place exposed to direct heat.

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