How to decorate your home for Halloween? Inspirations

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Halloween has settled in our homes for good. This holiday came to us from the United States. It is funny and allows us to get used to death. It shows that we can treat it with a pinch of salt

More and more often we decide not only to have Halloween themed parties and costumes, but also to decorate our homes. Here are some inspirations for this year’s Halloween!

Halloween is not as scary as it is painted

The mood of Halloween is closely associated with horror and the darkest time of the year. In autumn everything is more mysterious and slightly disturbing. It is a good idea to spice up the atmosphere a little.

An indispensable attribute of Halloween – the pumpkin

The most common motif of this holiday is the pumpkin. You can create beautiful lanterns from it. The center of a cut-out pumpkin can be used to make an aromatic soup.

It is best to choose larger pieces of this vegetable. Thanks to this you can easily cut out interesting and scary patterns in it. The most common are scary smiles, triangular noses and fancy eyes. Put a candle inside and the lantern is ready. You can put a few of these pumpkins in front of the door and in different places of your house. You can also paint your pumpkins black, which will have an electrifying effect.

Lights with scary motif

Small lights, which we usually hang to give the room an atmosphere, can also be used on Halloween. Such lights with a ghost or bat motif can be hung in windows for example. Such spooky motifs, with the lights off, will create a great atmosphere for that special evening.

Scary wreath of bones

You can buy artificial bones in stores with various decorations. To create an interesting mood just glue them together and create a dark wreath for your door. If you do not find such gadgets in the store, you can make them yourself. Just form bones of different sizes from salt mass. Making them will not be difficult. Then you can paint them with red paint to improve the effect.

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A horror movie interior

During Halloween it is customary for children to go from door to door and collect candies. It is worth preparing for such a visit and not only buy scary sweets with a zombie and skull motif but also decorate the whole house. Great for this will be black, thin material, which you only need to cut with scissors and hang in the entrance to the house or apartment. It alone will create an atmosphere

Of course, that’s not all. The house can be decorated with a fake cobweb, and at the door put a fake, bloody axe. Completing such an interior will be a skeleton at the entrance. You can attach it to a string and after opening the door a scary figure will emerge, which will certainly surprise your guests.

Garlands with bats

Long paper garlands with, for example, a bat motif will also work great in the room and in the window. You can hang them in any place. While creating this type of decoration there will certainly be no shortage of laughter and fun.

Halloween snacks

If you are organizing a Halloween party, make sure you have the right snacks as well. Witch’s fingers made of bread and cheese, topped with tomato sauce of course, are great. Bloody cupcakes with strawberry sauce or jellied eyeballs are also great. It all depends on your imagination. Don’t forget the orange napkins and spooky cocktails.

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