An innovative combination of SEO and UX. How does web design affect positioning?

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For years, companies have tried to optimize their websites in order to bring customers through the doors and increase traffic from search engines, but many people have failed to see results from these marketing strategies. This is because the choice was usually between SEO or UX. What if you just put them together? What are the benefits of using this strategy? And how can you design your website to make it SXO-friendly?

Explain the basics behind SXO

Has anyone ever asked themselves how much our use of technology has changed since the first use of the network? Technology, digitization, and globalization are just a few of the aspects that will affect the network’s industry standards. In order to stay current in today’s world, it is necessary to explore an interdisciplinary education in order to impress the public, gain their attention, and persuade them to continue to engage with you.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating or modifying a website with the goal of improving its rank in organic search results on search engines. User experience (UX) is the totality of a person’s interaction with one or more systems. By merging these two concepts, SXO strives to create an optimal user experience by making it easy for users to navigate your site, as well as providing valuable content that will help them find what they’re looking for.

Discuss the current state of search engines

Today, we seem to be moving away from keywords as the basis for generating search results. Google has now incorporated a variety of other factors into its rankings algorithm, including relevance, freshness, usage statistics, domain authority, social media sharing and originality. These seemingly strange factors can have a major impact on how people find your website if you don’t have them incorporated into your marketing efforts. If you want to keep up with the updates and improve your strategy regarding them, you should use the Hamilton SEO agency‘s help.

The concept of user journey optimization

User experience is becoming more important, with more time and resources being spent designing the most intuitive way for users to interact with a website. But what if you could create a user journey that helps both the website visitor as well as your rankings in search engines? With SXO, designers will first take into account a potential user’s intent when they land on a page, this allows them to provide them with what they want quickly and easily.

Also remember that the influence of individual factors on the ranking is not equal. The most important ones include: on-site factors (technical aspects, content), UX optimization (loading speed, mobility, usability, intuitiveness), off-site factors, and domain (history and its age).

How does website design affect positioning in search engines?

First of all, the front-end, meaning efficiency and practicality. These are elements that are invisible at first glance, but are verified by users within seconds. HTML, CSS and JavaScript play a special role here.

Second, the back-end, that is, the structure. It should be available immediately, which is why the TTFB result is so important, i.e. the delay from sending the query until receiving the first byte of information.

Third, the content. On the web, this concept is much broader, because it is not only about articles, but also images, movies, videos, comics, e-books, reports, charts, infographics, podcasts, brochures, case studies or even newsletters. Content is basically everything that appears on the page that a potential recipient can use.

Conclusions: traffic, clicks, conversions, lower bounce rate, shares, leads and profits.

Understanding what information a user wants is pivotal in creating a website that functions well for them. The knowledge how people want to find you on the internet is invaluable in optimizing your content for readers, but only if you know where they are looking when they need it most. Implementing this idea will help you create an even more productive, optimized website experience that is pleasing both functionally and aesthetically. 

Now, you need experts

Finding the right SXO agency can be a challenge, but if you take the time to evaluate the company’s abilities against your needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit. Start by identifying your goals for online marketing.

What kind of business are you looking for? How will your SXO help with that? What services does the agency offer? Does their work align with your budget and timeline? Are they experts in your niche or industry? Can they provide case studies and testimonials from other clients? Do they have previous experience working on similar projects? Look at samples of the company’s previous work. Once you’ve evaluated your options, it should be easy to determine which one you should choose. Consider the best Queenstown SEO agencies. 

Wrapping up

SEO isn’t just about choosing keywords. Website design also plays a vital role in how a site ranks, with the most important aspects being visibility, accessibility, usability, structure and optimization. Those two strategies takes these elements into account by prioritizing organic search while providing an overall satisfying experience. This creates a cohesive alignment between ranking potential and page-level optimization. With this information in mind, web designers may want to consider a SXO approach for their next project by ensuring not only that their design is good for usability, but also accessible for search engines.


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