6 Christmas gifts for him that you can make yourself

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Christmas gifts not once cause a lot of trouble. We are now living in such times when most people buy everything they need on a regular basis. That is why it is so difficult to find the right gift that will be both unique and practical. A great idea is to make one yourself! Here’s what gifts will work for the chosen one of your heart!

Handmade gifts for him – a shot in the arm!

You don’t have to spend a lot to make someone happy. You can make a gift for your other half on your own. We guarantee that such a gift will give more pleasure than the next perfume, watch or CD. Here are the gifts you can make yourself!

Romantic photo album in vintage style

Digital cameras and cell phones allow us to take a lot of pictures these days. However, to commemorate many special moments, it is worth putting the photos in an album. You can make such an item yourself or look for a vintage style album, necessarily with a place for a short description. It is worth that each page was separated by tissue paper, then it will have a unique atmosphere of years ago

First choose a package of the most beautiful photos, and then print all at once. Prepare appropriate descriptions that can be read while looking at the album. Place the photos chronologically or by scenes. Don’t forget about a romantic dedication.

A unique hand-painted mug

A mug or a cup will come in handy for everyone. We often use these items at home and in the office. To make it a unique gift, you do not have to buy an expensive designer mug. You will need a white vessel, preferably with regular, smooth walls. Buy special water paints designed for painting on ceramics. Then, make beautiful designs and charming inscriptions, wait for the paint to dry and your gift is ready!

Handmade scarf or sweater

If you can knit, a scarf or sweater is a great option. It’s a good idea to start knitting this item of clothing early so that you have enough time to make a complete and perfect gift. Choose your man’s favorite colors and make a cute sweater with a Christmas theme just for him. He will surely be happy with it, especially on winter days!

A set of candles with interesting shapes

Candles appeal to everyone. Even men like to keep them in their homes. You can make this gift yourself. You only need to buy wicks, coloured wax and interesting moulds. The rest is up to you. Making candles by yourself should not cause you much trouble, and the “wow” effect is guaranteed!

Homemade soaps in an interesting glass container

If you want to make your own candles, you can also make some lovely soaps. You just need to purchase soap flakes, fragrance and combine everything together. The shape itself depends on you. But remember to put them in an interesting container. A large glass jar will fit perfectly with just small soaps with interesting shapes and colors. Remember to decorate the container too!

Forest in a jar not only for botanist

Recently very fashionable are forests in a jar. In a glass vessel you can put basically any plant. Add small stones, earth and synthetic fertiliser. And don’t forget some impressive moss. Such an impressive gift from the heart will be excellent not only for your partner, but also for your friend, father or brother.

Main Photo: Tamanna Rumee/unsplash.com

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