An interior with an idea – decorate your bathroom with flowers

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We usually put potted flowers in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. The bathroom is often overlooked, we think that there is not enough space or simply that there is no need for it. It turns out that many flowers would grow better in a more humid, shaded bathroom than in a sunny, airy living room.

You need to determine the conditions that currently exist in your bathroom. Choose the right plants in this regard. Importantly, most of them, apart from the decorative aspect, also have air-purifying properties. They will definitely improve the quality of life in your home.


Falenopsis or moth is one of the most popular varieties of orchids. You can get it in garden stores or supermarkets. In the wild it usually grows in the shade. It requires little care.

Golden Epipremnum

This is a climbing plant, in nature found only on one of the volcanic islands of Polynesia. Also very popular among home potted plants. It’s bright green leaves on long vines cause that it is most often placed high, for example, under the ceiling and the vines are led on a string or a line. The cascades of leaves are an extraordinary decoration of the interior. Epipremnum is very easy to grow and loves the environment found in most bathrooms. Don’t put it directly in the sun and keep it regularly watered. You can even hang it in the shower.

Sternberg’s Zielista

Zielista is another type of plant with low maintenance requirements. It does well in low light, so protect it from direct sunlight. It can thrive very well in a humid bathroom, and should be watered at least twice a week.


The bromeliad family of plants (which includes pineapple) is native to the rainforests of Central Africa, Central and South America. It is sure to give your bathroom a unique look. Unlike most regular potted plants, bromeliads have a somewhat austere, almost prehistoric look thanks to their long leaves and spiky flower in the middle. They bloom for a very long time, which will give your bathroom a unique touch of color. They are usually grown in greenhouses but will do well in a bright and humid bathroom.


If your bathroom has little or no sunlight, you can still keep plants like the Philodendron in it. This is an overhanging plant with beautiful heart-shaped leaves on long, thin stems. It needs regular watering. Like Bromelias, it helps in purifying the air.

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