Tie-dye shirts are still on trend! How to make this pattern yourself?

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Do you have old, once white but already grayed or yellowed t-shirts in your closet? Instead of throwing them away, you should use them to create an extremely fashionable outfit. Giving your clothes a second life is not only a sensible solution but also a lot of fun.

Step I

For dyeing, choose t-shirts made of 100% cotton or a maximum of 20% polyester. Other materials may not absorb the dye well and you won’t get vibrant colors and thus, a spectacular effect. Buy fabric dyes in your favorite colors at haberdasheries or home improvement stores. Also find vinegar, gloves, a plastic bowl, a bag, a garbage bag, a soft plastic bottle (such as a ketchup bottle) and rubber bands or cable ties, also known as rubber bands.

Step II

Prepare a suitable place, either on the balcony or outdoors. Fill a bowl with water and place it on top of some plastic sheeting or garbage bags. We also suggest wearing protective clothing or at least old sweatpants that you won’t feel bad about after accidentally splashing them with dye.

Step III

Soak the t-shirt of your choice in a solution of water and vinegar. Keep a 1:1 ratio – for one cup of water, add a cup of vinegar. Let it soak for one hour.

Step IV

Take the shirt out of the vinegar bath. Catch it in the middle (the place slightly above the navel) and pull it up. Starting at the top, tie the T-shirt with rubber bands or clamps at even intervals. Put on protective gloves. Apply the dye colors of your choice to the sections of the shirt separated by the rubber bands. You can conveniently squeeze them out of a ketchup bottle. When you are done dyeing, do not untie it. Wrap the T-shirt in plastic wrap or place it in a tightly sealed zipper bag. Leave it for 8 hours or more. Depending on the intensity of the color you want to achieve, it can even be overnight. Pastel colors will set after approx. 2 hours.

Step V

Rinse the still tied t-shirt in water. Do this with gloves on until the water runs clear. Untie the t-shirt and wash it in hot water. You may need to rinse it again. Allow it to dry. After that, enjoy your fashionable blouse all summer long!

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