A handmade gift for mom? Part I

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Moms deserve the best of everything. They care for us and guide us through life. It’s on May 26 that we celebrate their efforts and love, but it’s not just for this one day a year that they should be recognized. There’s no better way to express your affection than with a thoughtful, handmade gift

Even if you’re not particularly talented in any kind of artwork, you’ll surely change your mind and prepare something special for Mom after checking out our suggestions.

Dye pillowcases with Tie Dye

Have you found some bright cotton pillowcases at home that haven’t been used for a while? Dye them yourself using natural dyes (such as avocado seed dye). You will find a description of the tie-dye method in another article on this website. This way you will give them a second life and Mom will have beautiful, decorative pillows that she can admire every day and think of you.

Spice jars

Do you have a few unused jars that could still be useful for something? All you need to transform them into spice containers is a can of white paint and label stickers or chalkboard paint. Glue labels on the white jar and sign them with a foil pen, or paint a cut-out, interesting shape on the surface of the jar with chalkboard paint. After it dries, use a piece of chalk to write what’s inside.

Surprise her on social media

An organized activity to which you invite other family members or perform it yourself, but in several scenes, is a great idea if your Mom is active on Facebook or Instagram. The collage created using the app is sure to not only get a lot of likes, but also bring a smile to Mom’s face.

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