How to make shorts from old jeans? Choose one of our ways and do it yourself

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Summer, vacations and beautiful weather have finally arrived to us. It is hard to imagine them without well-fitting, comfortable shorts. You can wear them both to the beach, a trip to the mountains, everyday outings, as well as an evening party. You don’t have to buy them. Try to make them yourself, it’s easier than you think.

You will surely find somewhere at the bottom of your closet old jeans, which you haven’t worn for years. They probably don’t fit that well anymore, they are washed, they have a stain on the leg that can’t be removed or they have so much wear and tear on them that even though you love them it’s time to replace them with a new pair. In all these cases, you can give your old pants a new life by remaking them into unique summer shorts.

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You will need for this purpose:

  • old pants
  • sewing scissors
  • needle
  • pins
  • threads
  • chalk or marker
  • ruler or tailor’s tape measure
  • (optionally) sewing machine
  • (possibly) sandpaper
  • (optionally, at your discretion) decorations, for example: lace, a piece of patterned material, studs, pearls, buttons, crystals, etc.

The first and most important activity is, of course, cutting off the legs at the right height. To do this, try on the pants and mark the place of the cut, drawing lines with chalk or a marker. You decide how high you want to cut the trousers, thus determining the length of the trousers at the front and back, as well as their future appearance and cut

Important: Already at this stage think about what kind of shorts you want to make, whether they should be short and ragged, with pockets sticking out from underneath, or maybe longer with legs rolled up or decorated with other material

Then take off the pants and finish drawing the lines, using a ruler or a tailor’s tape measure. The lines have to be drawn at an angle, so that their higher end is at the outer edge of the legs. Now all that remains is to cut the legs and finish and decorate the shorts as you like.

Here are some suggestions and inspiration on how to turn your old jeans into shorts:

  • Interestingly cut legs
photo: Pinterest
  • Frayed ends with sandpaper
photo: Pinterest
  • Frayed and slightly curled legs and thread embroidered flowers on the pockets
photo: Pinterest
  • Combined materials: denim + inserts at the legs and inside pockets
photo: Pinterest
  • Colorful threads and mini ruffles on the legs
photo: Pinterest
  • Double rolled leg ends + studs and iron-on rhinestones
photo: Pinterest
  • Lace inserts

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