Bored with your old denim jacket? Check out our ways to give it a second life

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Every woman should have a denim jacket in her closet. You can create unlimited styling with it. We present ways to give your favorite jacket a unique, fresh look

The denim jacket has been a must-have piece in our closet for decades. It is a truly timeless piece of clothing that works in many situations and always gives us a unique character.

But what if you feel like something different and want to go a little crazy? In this article we suggest how to create unique clothes on your own and for a small cost

Denim jacket – how to wear it?

Denim jacket can be styled in many ways and can be matched with clothes of different character. Probably the most popular cut, classic blue oversize denim katana looks great with a classic white T-shirt. You can opt for a total look and choose jeans in the same shade for it, or quite differently – combine the jacket with comfortable knit pants and sneakers.

Another option is a boho style – put a denim jacket over a long strapless dress, made of a delicate material. Add leather cowboy boots – a romantic look is ready in less than 2 minutes!

A fitted denim jacket looks great with A-line skirts. All you need is a matching T-shirt and low-heeled sandals to create a trendy and feminine outfit. There are so many possibilities – pick your favorite combinations yourself!

How to mix and match old denim jackets? Creative ideas!

A denim jacket which suits your figure is sure to become a favourite item in your closet. However, there comes a time when you are bored with such a basic model and want to change your favorite katana a bit. Here are our ideas!

  1. For rock style fans

Add some shiny jets and geometric studs for a rock chick look. You can take inspiration from some of the patterns available online or create your own setup. You can get helpful accessories at any haberdashery store. Let’s rock it!

  1. Boho style jacket

If classic jeans jacket seems boring to you, attach to it ethnic accessories – small macramé, feathers, wooden beads or pieces of patterned fabric. Colorful patches will also work great. Imagination knows no limits!

  1. Artistic expression

You can also use your jeans jacket as a canvas and express yourself on it. With the help of fabric paints or suitable markers you can paint something on your clothes. This will definitely make your jacket unique!

  1. Pins and brooches

For those who don’t want to make permanent changes to the fabric, but just want a temporary change. Pin badges and brooches are perfect for this! Look for them in haberdasheries and on the internet, we guarantee that there is a lot to choose from

  1. Extra patches

If there are unwanted tears or holes on your jacket (usually on elbows), you can try sewing or sticking patches on them. If you want a retro effect, go for ones in a brown color.

  1. Make a fashionable vest!

In just a few minutes, you can shorten the long sleeves of your jacket or get rid of them altogether to create a button-up vest! The effect is perfect for summer

  1. Trendy rips and the drift effect

Denim rips have been very trendy lately. So why not use them on your jacket too? It’s now a street style essential. You can use a vegetable grater and scissors to create the same worn-in effect as on the latest collections from popular chain stores. What do you think?

  1. Bleaching

With the help of bleach, you can get the bleached denim effect that was popular in the 90s. Creative people can try discoloring geometric shapes to create a kind of tie dye

  1. Jacket in new color

If you are bored with your jacket, you can try dyeing it! For some time now katanas in shades of green, orange, pink and many others have been returning to the stores. Remember that it is easiest to dye light-colored fabric. You can find professional fabric dyes at wholesale stores and art stores

We hope that with these ideas you will give your jacket a new and unique character!

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