Dyeing clothes – step by step instructions

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Self-dyeing fabric at home is not a new thing for anyone, although it is certainly forgotten by younger generations. In this article we show you how to change the character of your clothes and give them a unique look!

Dyeing clothes is a way to save an unfashionable T-shirt or a faded pillowcase. Many people find it their new hobby. Using various methods, you can dye a piece of fabric or change its color completely. It is worth finding out how to do it yourself, step by step, so that the effects are permanent and satisfactory. Thanks to our instruction, it will certainly not be difficult!

How to dye clothes at home? Basic rules

Before you start to dye fabrics, it is worth knowing a few rules that will help you achieve the best results and avoid disappointment. First of all, the more natural the material, the easier it will be to dye it. The best results are seen on cotton, linen and silk. Quite well dye mixed fabrics (up to a maximum of 50% synthetic fibers). The greater the share of artificial admixtures, the final effect may be less pronounced or even completely blurred. The first attempts should start with a fabric, which we do not feel bad about. In case of mistakes or unsatisfactory results, nothing will happen

How to prepare for dying fabrics?

Yellowed linens, sun-dried tablecloths and clothes that are out of fashion and we want to give them a new character are perfect for dyeing. First, we should wash the material and, if possible, remove all stains with the help of a stain remover. Thanks to the fact that the material will be uniform, the results will be more satisfactory. An important rule is that we always dye a darker color than the original – in home conditions it is basically impossible to dye a blue T-shirt yellow. You can order fabric dyes online or buy them at home in haberdasheries

How to dye clothes yourself? Step by step instruction

Before you start dyeing it is worth to change your clothes to working clothes, because you can get dirty. It is also worth putting on rubber gloves, so your hands won’t be irritated by the preparations. Here we go!

  1. Pour boiling water into a bowl or a large pot, and then put the fabric in. Choose the size of the pot or bowl according to the size of the clothing or other item you want to dye – all of it should be submerged in the water. Leave the fabric for 15 minutes
  2. In another pot or bowl, pour boiling water again and dissolve the dye in it – don’t forget to wear rubber gloves! Flip the fabric over. You should be able to stir the fabric freely, so that the dye reaches all areas evenly during the dyeing process. Wait about 30 minutes, making sure no part is sticking out beyond the water level. Otherwise, unsightly discoloration and staining may occur.
  3. Usually, one package of fabric dye is enough for about 0.5 kg of fabric (i.e. 2-3 medium quality cotton shirts). Depending on the depth and intensity of the color you want to obtain, you should add an appropriate amount of powder. Remember that more dye will be needed for fabrics with synthetic admixtures
  4. After 30 minutes, add 4 tablespoons of vinegar, stir everything thoroughly and wait 30 minutes
  5. Remove the fabric from the bowl, rinse under cold running water.
  6. Dry the fabric and you’re done!

The whole process (not counting drying) takes about 1,5 – 2 hours

Tie dye – how to give your clothes a new look

Tie dye is a very popular way of hand dying clothes in the 90s. Colorful patterns are associated with hippie subculture and still have a loyal following. All you need is a few rubber bands to tie a shirt or a dress. This allows the paint to reach specific places in varying degrees, creating irregular shapes. To increase the effect, you may be tempted to use several colors of dyes. The trend resurfaced a few seasons ago and everything promises to stay with us for many more years

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Main Photo: kvladimirv/ adobestock.com

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