Can a man’s closet be transformed into a woman’s? It’s easier than you think

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Have you ever borrowed clothes from your boyfriend? No, we don’t mean the t-shirt you wore to bed or the jacket you threw over your shoulders when you got chilly on a night out. We’re talking about when you looked in his closet in the morning and picked out an item that you simply incorporated into your look. Don’t? Try it and you’ll get a really fashionable effect.

What can you borrow from your boyfriend’s closet? Unless, of course, there’s a huge difference in your height and stature, you can take a leather or denim jacket, a simple T-shirt or shirt off his hanger. You can wear all these elements as oversize stories or tie them at the waist with a belt. Remember that XXL jackets are currently on trend, so your guy’s top will cross off one item from your shopping, fashion check-list for this season. Such tops can be tied at the waist with a wide leather belt, which will give your outfit +10 to femininity and +20 to it-looks.

And what about bottoms? Can we borrow them from the men’s closet too? How about it? The best pairs of pants will turn out to be those that are tailored on your man. This way you can create an outfit with real boyfriends!

Not convinced to such solutions? Just have a look at how Annabelle Fleur, one of the leading it-girls, does it.

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