How to renovate an old table? Six ideas!

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Furniture restoration is not difficult. It requires patience, time and a bit of space to work with. We suggest how to renew an old table – to breathe new life into it and save some money at the same time.

How to renovate an old wooden table?

We can renew a table with a wooden top and legs in a few simple steps. First, we need to strip off the old paint, varnish and other layers on the surface. To do that, we should get sandpaper of several gradients – from very delicate to coarse sandpaper.

We can work manually or with the help of a sander. After a thorough cleaning of the external surface of the table, all its elements should be cleaned of dust and filled in the defects. The final stage is to protect the table with stain, varnish or other preparation for wood.

Renovation by painting

Another simple way to renew an old table is to repaint it. We proceed with a wooden table exactly as described in the paragraph above. Finally, paint it with wood paint in the color of your choice.

An old table with metal legs should also be cleaned in the first step – from rust, remains of paint, varnish and dirt. Then move on to degreasing. This is a very important step in renovation, thanks to which the paint will adhere better and will not peel. Painted elements will look like new for many years. The final step is to choose the paint and cover the table surface with it.

A table made of doors

If you own a good table frame or legs, but the top is not suitable for further use, you can use an old door as a table top. This solution is a recycling of several unnecessary things, which can be given a second life.

The tabletop made of old doors is a very original and eye-catching solution. Metal legs will work very well for it, which will create a contrast and add a modern character to the structure.

Stick-on ornaments

Another idea for renewing an old table is to stick ornaments and ready-made decors on it. You can easily buy such elements in construction stores and on the Internet. All you need to install them is hot glue and a few minutes of patience. You can paint the ornaments in the same color as the table or create an eye-catching color contrast. In a few moments an old, simple table will change into a decorative piece of furniture.

Glass for a tabletop

Another idea for changing the design of the old table is ordering a pane of glass for it. This solution will work perfectly in case of an old wooden table. Thanks to the glass, which will be an additional protection of the table top, we can afford to keep its original appearance. The wooden table top only needs to be soaked in oil and put the glass.


Another option for renovating an old table is to use a decorating technique called decoupage. It involves decorating with patterns cut out of paper. Decorative table napkins are very often used. The surface of a wooden table should be properly prepared and then paper patterns should be glued to it. Finally, the whole thing is protected against water and mechanical damage

Decoupage is a very effective technique, and thanks to various patterns on paper napkins you can create your own original composition.

Sticking boards on the table top

Natural wood and boards are recently very fashionable interior finishing material. Having an old table, we can successfully treat it as a frame to create something else. Wooden planks just need to be glued or screwed to the original tabletop.

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