How to make a lantern? Explore 3 ideas

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Lanterns add coziness and atmosphere to interiors. This will undoubtedly come in handy, especially in the autumn and winter evenings, when it gets dark quickly outside. Lanterns are also great in spring and summer, making summer afternoons spent on the terrace or balcony more pleasant. But how to quickly make such a spectacular decoration?

Simple and quick to make lanterns will not only serve you for many seasons, but also in one moment change your interior, terrace, balcony or backyard. What is more, with a dose of imagination you can create a unique decoration that will be the envy of your friends. So how to make a lantern?

Jars with candles – simple but stylish

To make lanterns you will need jars, preferably in different sizes and dimensions to create a unique atmosphere, and candles. If you want to have a hanging lantern then you also need some string to tie the jars together and hang them anywhere. It is worth keeping the tops. After drilling holes in them with a drill or screwdriver they will protect the candle, especially on windy days, from going out.

Impressive lanterns made of Christmas lights

In this case you will need a string of lights and a jar. You can make a hole in the lid so that you can insert a plug into a socket, and put the rest of the lights in the jar. Screw it on and set the lantern in any place you like.

Climate Ball

To make this lantern you will need a balloon, yarn, liquid glue and a light bulb cord. Inflate the balloon to the size you want the lantern to be. Then you wind the yarn on it. The next step is to grease the whole thing with glue, and then wait until the whole thing dries. The final step is to puncture the balloon, pull it out and install the bulb. Done!

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