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Bedroom – one of the most important rooms in your home. It is where you rest after a hard day at work. It is worth to make this space friendly, well-organized and spacious. How to achieve such an effect, even when dealing with a small, dark room?

How to transform a bedroom in simple steps?

Step 1 Minimalism

A cluttered room is not conducive to a peaceful atmosphere of relaxation. Get rid of unnecessary things, make a thorough selection and what you don’t need give away to friends or charity. If you can, move your computer desk to another room in your home. Work-rest separation is very important even when working remotely.

Step 2: Take a look at the walls in your bedroom.

Are they dark and visually make the room smaller? Are they light in color but need refreshing? Repainting the walls is the quickest way to change the energy of the room. You can do the same with your furniture. A black or brown dresser may seem too overwhelming in a small room. Natural, fresh colors such as blue or soothing green or classic white will brighten up even the darkest room, visually adding a few more meters to it.

Step 3: Look out the window

Grey curtains, old and dilapidated blinds or shades do not do a good job of letting light into the room. Make sure you frame your window properly so that you are woken up by the sun’s rays on all mornings.

Step 4: Beautify and accessorize

Even the smallest room has room for some greenery. The benefit can be huge – the sight of greenery is calming, and the plant itself, properly chosen, can filter the air. A fern, sansewieria or the popular violinflower absorb not only carbon dioxide, but also such harmful substances as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia.

Replace the bedding, choose a pretty, colorful bedspread and some decorative pillows. Choose a color scheme and style that best suits your personality. Ideally, get several similar sets and mix them together. Then your bed will not have an artificial, hotel-like feel.

The last extra touch is lighting. If you like to read in bed, install a small night light. In the evening, before bed, a dim light will give the room a warm, dreamy atmosphere.

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Main photo: Christopher Jolly/ unsplash.com

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