How to change the look of furniture at a low cost?

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Changing the interior design does not have to involve a general overhaul. It is often enough to insert new accessories or give furniture a slightly different character. How to do it?

Renovation of furniture is often associated with the renovation of older equipment. However, even relatively new cabinets or chests of drawers can be easily changed to give them a completely different look. What is important is that you do not have to spend a lot of money. The only thing that can limit you is your imagination.

Painting – an easy and effective way

Changing the color of a piece of furniture is a fairly easy way to make it look different. First, you need to determine what color will go best with the rest of your furnishings and wall colors.

The next step is to prepare it for painting. You do not have to remove, for example, tops or legs from wooden chairs or tables. However, in case of chests of drawers or cabinets, it is worth to take out drawers or doors – it will make it easier for you to clean them and then apply paint.

Every piece of furniture needs to be properly washed. It is enough to wash it with water and washing-up liquid. You also need to degrease the furniture using special agents. Failure to do so will result in the paint not adhering well to the surface and unsightly streaks may appear.

Sometimes, in the case of older furniture, it is necessary to sand it with sandpaper or a grinder so as to even out any dents or cavities, as well as to remove the remains of wax and varnish.

When the washed and degreased piece of furniture is dry, you can proceed to the application of paint or varnish, depending on the effect you want to achieve. The choice depends on whether you want a matte or a more glossy color.

Waxing and oiling

If you don’t feel the need to completely change the color of your furniture, you can refurbish it with waxing and oiling. This will make them shiny and make them look like new. This is also a good way to maintain and protect your furniture.


You can give a plain, unadorned cabinet or dresser a more decorative look. For example, you can glue stucco on the doors or put decorative stickers.

Small touches

Sometimes less is more, so you don’t always have to completely change the look of your furniture. For example, if your armchairs have good, undamaged upholstery, you can replace the legs or paint them a different color.

Replacing the handles is also an interesting and inexpensive solution. Nowadays, they are offered in different shapes and are created from different materials, such as

  • wood,
  • metal,
  • aluminum,
  • brass,
  • leather.

A large selection of such accessories is offered by the store Scandinavian Handles. Replacing such accessories does not take much time and is quite simple.

Veneer application

A simple and effective way to quickly change the look of your furniture. The walls of the bookcases can be covered with a special veneer in different colors – this way it will gain some freshness. The fronts of furniture, for example, can also be decorated in this way. Veneer can also be used to decorate closet doors.

Metal hardware

If you want to give your furniture a bit of a classic look, hardware made of metal will be perfect. You can install them around the fronts and give the furniture an industrial look. Changing the hinges is an easy way to renew, for example, cabinets that are not very decorative.

As you can see, you don’t have to buy new hardware if you want to give your home an industrial look. In stores, you will find many different accessories, tools and means to change the look of furniture yourself, without spending a lot of money

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