No time for a haircut? Here are a few tips to help you cut your hair or bangs yourself without regretting it

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There are many reasons for cutting your own hair – some want to save money, others don’t have the time or want to learn something new! Whatever the reason, we show you how to cut your hair at home.

Although many people think that it is impossible to cut hair at home, this is not entirely true! With the right equipment and instruction, it’s not that difficult, and the results are very satisfying. Of course, it is worth remembering that practice makes perfect – but you have to start at some point. In this article, we show you step by step how to cut your hair at home.

Cutting Hair at Home – What Do You Need?

For longer hair, scissors work best. Many people use a razor, but it is somewhat more difficult to cut shoulder-length hair with a razor. The basic accessories are therefore

  • hair scissors (they can’t be the usual kitchen ones, it’s best to look for scissors in a drugstore);
  • a fine tooth comb with closely spaced teeth;
  • two mirrors (usually one is already on the wall in the bathroom, and the other must be placed at the back, so you can see exactly how our hair looks on the whole head);
  • rubber bands and hair clips;
  • towel or hairdresser’s cape;
  • or a bottle with atomizer (but you can also do without it)

These are aids, without which it will be basically impossible to cut your hair. It is important to remember to choose special scissors for cutting, and not, for example, for layering. If you don’t have a cape to protect your clothes, you can use an ordinary large towel, which you spread over your shoulders.

The easy way to a perfect haircut! Step by step instructions

Here is a quick tutorial for people who want to cut their own hair at home. This cut is designed for long to medium hair, allowing you to reach shoulder length. It works well for most face shapes. Let’s get started!

  1. Evenly wet your hair with an atomizer. Your hair should be damp, but not soaking wet. Alternatively, you can wash your hair and towel off excess water. Then thoroughly comb your hair.
  2. Gather your hair into a ponytail close to the forehead.
  3. Divide your hair into two sections and separate another strand at the front
  4. Hold the front strand of hair evenly with your fingers (the forefinger and middle finger are most comfortable) and trim it to the desired length. This serves as a reference point.
  5. Cut the remaining sections even with the front section.
  6. Brush your hair again and make sure it is the same length all around your head. You can use a second mirror or ask someone to judge. If you have any doubts, pull it back into a ponytail and check that nothing is standing out.

Remember, you can use these instructions to cut your hair yourself or if someone has asked you for help. It’s not as hard as it looks – you just have to try! If you are not sure how much you should cut your hair, remember that on average hair grows 8-10 mm per month

Determining the right length to cut when your hair is wet can be tricky, as you have to consider your hair’s texture and its natural tendency for waves or twists. Assuming, however, that you last visited your hairdresser 3 months ago and you want to go back to your previous hairstyle, you’ll know to shorten the ends by about 2-3 centimeters. For the sake of a satisfactory end result, it’s better to cut less and then touch up, rather than cutting your hair too short with a sweeping cut

Work on damp hair to keep it tidy – to this end, spray it regularly with water from an atomizer

Cutting bangs

Shortening your fringe is even simpler, and certainly most people trim their fringe themselves at home. All you need to do is wet your fringe with water, comb it thoroughly with a close-tooth comb spaced evenly. Then carefully cut the fringe while holding your head straight

Keep in mind, of course, that wet hair is always longer than dry hair, so you need to consider your hair texture. Even if you cut your fringe a few millimetres too long, it’s no problem – hair will always grow back!

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