What should I keep in mind when performing a Chinese bubble massage on my own?

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We reveal how to perform a Chinese bubble massage yourself at home and what to keep in mind!

What is a Chinese bubble?

A Chinese bubble is a variety of vacuum bubble, which sucks the skin under pressure. Thanks to this it improves blood circulation in the tissues. It is most often made of plastic, such as rubber or silicone, there are also glass variants. However, the rubber one is definitely easier to use than the glass one.

It should be emphasized that regardless of the variant of the bubble, they work in the same way. During the treatment they are applied to specific parts of the body, sucking the skin. Initially, such treatment may be painful, especially for more sensitive people. However, with the repetition of the activity, the immunity of the body also increases.

While using the bubble, red spots appear on the body due to the suction and improvement of blood supply to the tissues.

Benefits of Chinese bubble massage

Chinese bubble massage has many positive effects on the body. This method is especially chosen because of the fact that it stimulates blood and lymph circulation. It also helps firming the skin of the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. What is more, it also accelerates fat burning, and thus slenderizes and slims the figure.

Many ladies use Chinese bubbles to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. However, Chinese bubble not only supports beauty, but also the whole body, because it supports cleansing it from toxins. It makes the epidermis more elastic and smooth, and what is more, it improves skin nutrition, i.e. revitalizes the skin. It would seem, however, that an inconspicuous bubble, and such a range of pro-health activities for the body!

How to perform a Chinese bubble massage at home?

Undoubtedly, Chinese bubble massage is both a relaxing and therapeutic massage. It is very popular in many beauty salons. The simplicity of the treatment makes it easy to perform at home. You should only remember about a few basic rules.

First of all, the skin for massage should be properly prepared and warmed up. Therefore, you should start with a warm shower and body wash. Use anti-cellulite scrub or apply olive or massage oil. A good solution will be products enriched with anti-cellulite ingredients, such as caffeine, sea algae, elderberry or menthol

A well-executed Chinese bubble massage should look like this:

STEP 1. It is best to heatthe bub ble to about 40°C before use. This can be done by submerging it for a few minutes in hot water. It should be dried before use.

STEP 2: Apply the bubble to the desired area on the body, pressing it against the skin the whole time. This will create negative pressure, allowing the bubble to suck in the skin and, in effect, stick to it.

STEP 3: The massage should be performed by sliding the bubble over the selected part of the body. Do not detach it from the skin during the treatment. The bubble massage improves circulation and breaks down fatty tissue. It is best to do it in several directions alternately. First, you can massage from the bottom up, then circularly to the outside, and finally with a figure-eight technique

STEP 4. To complete the massage correctly, the bubble should be sucked out by undermining it with your fingers. In this way, air is allowed inside it. At the end, it is suggested to relax the skin additionally by massaging it gently, preferably with circular movements of the hands.

It is important to remember that the massage of a single body part should be done from 15 to even 30 minutes with short breaks.

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