Are you dreaming of a flower garland? We will tell you how to make it

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A flower garland has not been considered a symbol of girlishness for a long time. Such gadgets can be used for photo shoots or worn for events such as a first communion or wedding.

Do you want to make a garland yourself? It is not difficult. To make it, you need mainly flowers and possibly some ribbons.

Weaving the classic garland of field crops, flowers, and grass is a fun and relaxing pastime. You will find instructions for making it in the video below:

In addition to the classic garland, you can also make one based on a headband. We would like to point out that any wreath made of live flowers has a rather short life and after a few hours the petals curl and the whole thing wilts and falls down. If you want to have such a souvenir for many years after the ceremony, choose artificial flowers. They will also be easier to fix and arrange

From auxiliary accessories you need a thin plastic hairband and green, thin florist wire. You can buy them all at a haberdashery. These will serve to provide the structure on which you will place the flowers. You will also need a hot glue gun, a few extra bobby pins or mini-frog clips.

Among the flowers, try to choose those with long stems. These will be easier to wrap around the headband and tie together. When placing flowers on the headband, make sure to place the largest flowers on top. This will create the shape of a diadem or crown, and it will also keep the garland more securely on your head. According to your own color and floral vision, wrap the chosen flowers with their stems around the headband. Help yourself with hot glue and wire. For added effect, you can attach a fabric ribbon at the ends of the garland to hold the garland together.

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