Natural highlights are a hit this summer – check out how to do them!

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This summer, highlights will be king on hair! Lighter highlights will add freshness to our hairstyle and make our face look radiant. You can do this discreet but spectacular look on your hair without leaving home. See for yourself!

Why opt for reflections?

Are you afraid that reflections are not for you? Nothing could be further from the truth. Such hair coloring does not damage your hair, and the roots are not so visible. The hairstyle will look like a natural sun-kissed look. With highlights your hair will be optically thickened and full of shine. Also your face will become expressive and brightened. Such a hairstyle will subtract a few years from you.

Reflexes and highlights

In the 1990s, highlights were extremely popular. Reflexes, however, are something completely different. First of all, they are much lighter and softer. The dye is not always applied from the top of the head, which makes the hairstyle much more natural. When doing reflections, we want to achieve the effect of spending several long hours in the sun.

How to choose the color of the reflections?

Reflexes should be lighter than our natural hair by only 1-2 tones. When choosing the right dye, consider your complexion, eye color and, most importantly, your natural hair color. A color analysis can be useful. However, the easiest way is to find a photo in which our hair is bathed in the sun and try to reproduce this effect.

How to do highlights at home?

To enjoy the illuminated effect on your hair, you don’t have to leave the house. All you need to do is buy the right dye – preferably lighter 1-2 tones than the color of your natural hair. Otherwise the effect may turn out to be artificial.

In addition to the paint, prepare some more aluminum foil, a comb with a pick, a bowl for mixing the paint, a brush for application and gloves.

How to make reflections – instructions

  1. Read the instructions on the paint package. Cut the aluminum foil into smaller pieces.
  2. Divide the hair with a comb into thin strands. However, there should not be too many of them – only where you want the highlights to appear.
  3. Arrange the strands on the foil and apply the dye to them. However, do not apply it directly from the roots. Roll the dyed strands in the foil so that it allows you to apply the product to the rest of your head.
  4. Keep the dye on your hair as long as the manufacturer recommends. If you color too short, the intended effect may not be achieved, and if you color too long, it will damage your hair.
  5. Rinse out the dye and apply conditioner to your hair to regenerate it after coloring.

Care for hair with highlights

After coloring, hair should be strengthened and nourished. This is best done with cosmetics designed for colored hair. Only on cared for hair will the reflections be able to show all their beauty.

main photo: Romanov

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