6 stylish gifts for dad that you can make with your own hands

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Father’s Day is an important holiday. Many people wonder what to give their beloved dad? It is worth to make a gift with your own hands. Such a gift from the heart will certainly cause emotions and will be appreciated!

Mug with an inscription

The first idea for an inexpensive DIY gift for dad is a mug with a funny inscription. How to make it with a slogan? It is enough to buy a white ceramic mug (or any other color) and several pieces of colorful markers for decorating ceramics (you can use them not only for mugs, but also for glasses, plates, bowls, vases). Then, we have to degrease the surface of the mug and cover it with the invented slogan or use a ready template.

To fix your work, put the decorated mug into the oven preheated to 150 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes. If you don’t want the motto to wash off quickly, don’t put the mug into the dishwasher (it is worth informing the giftee about it), but wash it by hand.

T-shirt with an iron-on motto

Another proposal for a Father’s Day gift that you can easily make yourself is an iron-on t-shirt. We can choose one of many templates available on the Internet or use to print picture from family album, funny slogan or phrase that dad often uses.

Then all you have to do is to buy special transfer paper from a stationery store, print out the pattern and apply it on the T-shirt (remember that the printout has to be in the mirror image), applying the iron-on pattern and ironing it with a pre-heated iron. The last step is to gently peel off the paper from the T-shirt and the extraordinary gift is ready!

Barbecue apron

Those who have a machine at home and have even minimal sewing experience can sew for the parent an apron for the barbecue. On the Internet you will find plenty of patterns and detailed instructions on how to make a men’s apron step by step

To sew a kitchen apron you will need 1 running meter of fabric (1 m x 1.5 m), preferably cotton with a checkered pattern or in a solid color (a good idea will be black or brown material – dirt associated with barbecue will not be so visible)

Photo frame

Another Father’s Day gift idea is a photo frame – you can make one out of wood, cardboard, wire, shells, stones, and many other materials, even if you don’t have a set of advanced power tools!

It’s also a good idea to give a second life to an old, dilapidated frame, which you can refurbish by removing peeling paint with sandpaper. Just paint the frame anew and put in it your favorite photo with dad – surely the recipient will appreciate our gesture and will put the gift on his desk or hang it on the wall in his office.

Laura with wishes

If you don’t have free money at the moment you can give dad a symbolic gift by making him a simple card with wishes from the heart. Use materials that can be found at home. If you have manual skills, you can make an origami card with a shirt and tie or bow tie out of colorful pieces of paper – such a card with wishes will look modern and unusual. Preparing such a card will take us literally a few minutes!

Organizer for pens

If our dad does office work, it is worth making a practical gift for him, which is an organizer for pens and other utensils. You can use small cardboard boxes and decorate the outside with wrapping paper in a pattern of your choice. A clever idea will also be to make an organizer out of old floppy disks (just connect the floppy disks together using zip ties). With such a useful gift, your parent’s desk will be instantly tidy and orderly.

We hope that our Father’s Day gift ideas will be a valuable source of inspiration for you, and the gifted parent will accept the gift with a smile on his face and gratitude.

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Main photo: Cristian Dina/ pexels.com

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