3 stylish gifts for mom that you can make with your own hands. Part II

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on May 26th in Poland we celebrate the holiday of all mothers. It’s worth giving her a special gift, preferably one that you make yourself. How to make them? We suggest!

Mother’s Day is certainly an important moment for all mothers. Even small children present their parents with cards, flowers or small gifts. It is also celebrated by adults, who want to thank their mothers for their dedication and effort that they put into their upbringing. Currently in the store you will find plenty of proposals for gifts. However, it is worth to make them ourselves, then we can be sure that they will be really unique

1. Lavender bath balls

A great idea for a Mother’s Day gift will be hand-made bath balls. Colorful, fragrant and natural – they will surely appeal to every recipient. In addition, nicely packaged they look really delightful. And their preparation is not difficult at all

We need:

  • a glass of citric acid;
  • 2 cups of baking soda;
  • 5-6 tablespoons of olive oil (it can also be baby oil);
  • a few drops of lavender oil;
  • dried lavender;
  • purple food coloring;
  • water in a spray bottle;
  • mold;

Pour the dry ingredients into the pan first and mix them, gradually adding the olive oil. Then pour the dye and mix. Spray the whole thing with water (without stopping stirring). You can not add a lot of water at once, because the mass will begin to foam

The point is to make our mush resemble wet sand in consistency. Add lavender oil and knead the mass, and if necessary, spray it again with water. Pour crushed dried lavender. Put the mixture into the molds (you can also use the ones for ice), if necessary knead them with your hands and put them away. After a few hours the balls are ready to use. Wrap them in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. Ready!

2. Candles with coffee beans

The smell of coffee always has a stimulating effect and gives energy for the rest of the day. So an interesting gift for mom can be coffee candles, which we will make ourselves. You will need:

  • pieces of old, unburnt candles;
  • coffee beans;
  • stick (can be the one for shashliks);
  • string (you can buy a ready-made wick);
  • technical block;
  • glue;
  • tin;
  • scissors;

Melt all the candle pieces – it’s best to put them in a tin and put it in a pot with boiling water. It’s nice if any of the melted candles are scented, you can also add a few drops of your favorite oil

From a sheet of technical block we make a roll and stick it tightly with tape, so that it does not fall apart. Cut the paper into about 3-4 cm (as if we were making flower petals). Fold the strips in such a way as to create the base of our cylinder. At the bottom stick the end of a string or wick, the other end tie to a stick and place on top of the tube

Pour some coffee beans on the bottom and pour in the wax. It is best to pour a little, wait until it cools slightly and pour another portion, so that the beans do not flow upwards. When the candle is cool – peel off the paper. Done!

3. Decorative key ring

We always have our keys with us. That’s why giving your mom a handmade key ring will make sure that she thinks about us every time she locks or opens the door. Besides – keychains always come in handy. You will need:

  • a snap hook (can be because of some old key ring);
  • beads, feathers, colored string (whatever you want);
  • glue;

Attach feathers to the snap hook. From the thong we make tassels (roll a few and tie the end tightly “to the brush”). Tie to the feathers. Also add beads on a string – you can give several strings of different lengths. Connect all the elements with a ring, add a snap hook and you’re done. Making pendant, you can use any ornaments that you just have in your house. Also great are old bracelets or decorative buttons. It is worth making a keychain that will match your mom and her style

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Main photo: Karolina Grabowska/ pexels.com

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