How do you colour your own hair? Here is a step-by-step guide

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In the year 2020, when hair services were and are more difficult to access due to the coronavirus, ladies started coloring their hair at home. How to do it properly? It’s simple!

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a hairdresser, and in addition, during the Covid-19 epidemic, hair salons were closed for many months. And as you know, every woman, even sitting at home, would like to look their best. Therefore, more and more ladies began to dye their hair themselves. It turns out that it is not as complicated as it may seem! You just need to know how to do it properly without damaging your hair. The key is not only the right shade of hair dye, but also the coloring technique, so that the hair is colored evenly and the end result is satisfactory. Poorly applied colour can damage your hair and the damage will be difficult to repair

1.Choose the right shade of hair dye

The first step in home colouring is the right choice of hair dye. It is best to choose a color, which matches your complexion and your natural hair colour. The more closely you match your natural hair colour, the better the colouring results will look. Blondes and sateen women with fair skin should reach for cooler colors. They will look good in platinum or ash blonde, mahogany or black with a violet glow. Women with warm skin tones may opt for beige, peach, golden, copper or honey blonde haircuts. Are you dreaming of red hair? Remember, red hair is not recommended for women with couperose, grey, dull and tired skin. This color emphasizes all the flaws, which, as we know, are better hidden

2. Consider the type of hair dye

Not only the color is important, but also the formula of the preparation, on which depends the durability of the color. Shampoo is a “temporary” option, as the color washes out after a few washes. The cosmetic does not damage hair, does not contain ammonia and the pigments do not penetrate hair strands. If you want permanent coloration, it is better to use coloring creams or foams, which darken or lighten the hair by one or two shades. Some of them contain ammonia (although there are products without ammonia on the market), which causes the hair cuticles to break off and the pigments to penetrate the hair

3. Prepare your hair for colouring

Before colouring your hair, you should also take care of the condition of your hair. If your hair is in good condition, the result will be more pleasing because the colour will penetrate evenly into the hair. This is why it is important to keep the hair cuticles moisturized and smooth

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4. Remember to do an allergy test and protect your hair from harmful ingredients

Before you start colouring your hair, you should always do a sensitisation test. Just apply a little bit of the product to your skin. If you notice a strong burning sensation, pimples or redness, you are allergic to one of the ingredients and it is better to avoid the product

And how to protect hair from chemical ingredients, which are contained in paints? It is enough not to wash your hair for 2-3 days before the planned coloring. The natural lipid mantle will protect your hair and scalp

5. How do I apply the colour?

The dye should be applied quickly after it is thoroughly mixed, because the reaction between the dye and the oxidant is instant. It is estimated that the product should be applied within 10 minutes, because after a longer period of time it may not work as expected. During the coloring process you should not overheat your hair (it is a myth that putting a towel on your head will make the color even)

The color should be applied quite quickly and evenly throughout the hair. It is best to use a special brush for coloring. Finally, comb your hair with a fine toothed comb to make sure it is perfectly covered. If you are painting the roots, it is advisable to first apply the product to the roots and only a few minutes before washing the paint away, stretch it over the entire length to refresh the color

It is important not to keep the dye on your hair for too long, so always follow the instructions on the leaflet. The color may not come out as you expect and your hair will be damaged

Finally, apply a conditioner, which closes the hair cuticles and smooths the hair. It is also good to reach for a regenerating mask with vitamins and oils, so that the strands are nourished and regenerated after the treatment

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