Easter decorations – how to make them yourself?

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Easter is the time when most of us decorate our homes with Easter eggs, flowers, basil, etc. Why buy such decorations, when you can make them yourself? We suggest how!

Making your own decorations gives you a lot of fun and satisfaction. Moreover, we can be sure that our decorations will be really unique. It is also a great idea for spending an evening. During Easter most of us decorate our homes and apartments with Easter eggs, chickens, bunnies, lambs, basil etc. Yes, you will find plenty of accessories in the store, but why spend money, when you can make unique decorations yourself? And it is not difficult at all!

1. Decorative Easter Eggs

Easter is the time when colorful eggs must appear in our home. They can be in any color – pastels are currently fashionable, but it is our choice how they will look like. To prepare them we need:

  • a few large styrofoam eggs,
  • colored paper,
  • glue,
  • decorative punch, which punches in the shape of a flower,
  • uHU glue,
  • candle holders,
  • acrylic paint the same color as the paper,
  • a paintbrush,
  • skewer sticks,
  • glue with glitter,

Paint the eggs with acrylic paint and wait for them to dry. Decorations in two shades will look interesting, for example pink and yellow. With a hole punch cut out a lot of flowers. Now the glue; it is important that it is transparent. Smear it pointwise on the egg and stick the flowers (it’s best to do it with sticks to shashliks, because your hands can damage / deform the flowers). Each flower should be gently pressed into the Styrofoam so that its petals slightly protrude upwards. Repeat the process until the whole egg is covered with paper flowers. Then attach the bottom of the egg to the candlestick. Decorate the flowers with glitter glue and you are done!

If you decide to use smaller eggs, you can thread them through a string and make a garland to hang over the fireplace

2. Easter table decoration

During Easter we also decorate the table. It is worth making a garland with eggshells. To make it you will need:

  • a few birch twigs,
  • a few eggshells,
  • some bases,
  • a few sprigs of boxwood,
  • some moss,
  • a few quail eggs,
  • feathers,
  • glue,

From the birch twigs we make a garland, and in the middle of it we put moss. Around the garland glue the shell halves (do not have to, and should not even be perfectly equal). Glue feathers to the shells. Into the moss we put bases, boxwood and put quail eggs. Ready! The whole thing can be sprayed with hairspray to make the garland shine more.

3. Colorful hens

Holidays are joyful, so it’s worth taking care of cheerful decorations, such as colorful chickens. Besides, such multicolored decorations will greatly enliven the interior of the apartment and will certainly improve our mood. To make them, we need:

  • large styrofoam eggs,
  • acrylic paints in selected colors,
  • self-adhesive foil,
  • red and orange/yellow felt,
  • thicker string,
  • hot glue, black marker,
  • scissors,
  • scissors,
  • skewer sticks.

With a sharp knife cut off the bottom of the Styrofoam egg. Then put it on a skewer stick and put it in a flower pot or a flower sponge to make it easier to paint. Cut out dots from cling film and tape them to the egg, which you then paint with acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, peel off the dots. Cut out red combs and flies from red felt, and wings, beaks and feet from orange or yellow felt and glue them on (all except the feet). Use hot glue to glue on two pieces of string (you can also make holes and push the string inside your hens) and attach chicken feet to the ends. Paint eyes and eyebrows with a marker. Colorful chickens are ready! It is worth setting them up so that the legs hang loosely, for example, on the edge of a fireplace or windowsill.

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Main photo: JESHOOTS.com/ pexels.com

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