Fake freckles are a hit this summer – check out how to make them!

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In the past, girls generously endowed with freckles tried to cover them at all costs. Today they present them with pride. In addition, more and more women who do not have freckles on their faces are looking for ways to enjoy the lovely dots, at least for a while. Do you belong to the latter group? We will advise you on what to do to get freckles on your face!

Permanent freckles

More and more women are opting for permanent freckles, or simply tattooing them. This type of makeup lasts on the face for about 2 years. So you must be one hundred percent determined that you want to be a freckle owner. Making brown spots on the nose and cheeks costs approx. 500 zloty. However, if you are not convinced that freckles are a good idea permanently, try short-term and less invasive methods.


The natural look of freckles on the face can be achieved with henna for tattoos. The effect lasts on the skin for up to several weeks. Remember to do an allergy test before applying freckles, and apply the product to exfoliated skin.


To make freckles, a brown eyeliner will work great. Making freckles with it is very easy. Just apply it in small amounts to the skin, patting the finished freckles with your fingertips. This will give a natural effect. Such freckles can be easily washed off at the end of the day with the rest of your makeup.

Eyebrow crayon

Eyebrow pencil, thanks to its consistency, is slightly more permanent than eyeliner. So you don’t have to worry about your freckles disappearing after contact with sweat or water.

Spray on roots

A method promoted by tiktokokers. Spray your face with a brown spray to hide the roots on your hair. Beforehand, spray the product several times on a piece of paper to choose the right amount of pressure.

Freckle pen

Cosmetic manufacturers, looking at the freckle craze, have released products that are designed for making freckles at home. Freckle pens are extremely easy to use and allow you to achieve a natural effect.

What to pay attention to when making freckles yourself?

When making freckles, we want to achieve the most natural effect possible. Take a look at photos of freckles on the Internet – they are not evenly spaced dots. Each freckle is different – some are rounder, others take on a more blotchy shape. They are rarely concentrated in one place, usually they are asymmetrically scattered over the face. Their clusters are in the areas most exposed to the sun’s rays: on the nose, cheeks, forehead, shoulders and cleavage.

main photo: unsplash.com/El Sersh

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