Changing the upholstery of an armchair – how to go about it?

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It’s been a long time since you changed anything in your home and you want to introduce new elements to it? You do not necessarily have to buy new furniture. Sometimes it is enough just to renew the old ones! How about changing the upholstery of your armchair? This will give it a whole new look and let you feel that you have changed something in the interior design. By reading this article you will learn how to change the upholstery of an armchair.

How to change the upholstery yourself?

It would seem that changing the upholstery of an armchair requires a lot of operations. Nothing could be further from the truth, this work can be easy and pleasant. So how to start it? To begin with, take a close look at the entire armchair. Check it for holes or overbite anywhere. After all, the cause of overbites can be woodworm. Then it’s better to invest in a new piece of furniture, because these pests like to move onto other equipment.  Woodworms reign on books, linen paintings and even in the boards of cardboard. Getting rid of them usually requires calling in professionals, and the cost of the treatment can exceed the cost of a new piece of furniture. 

Also look at the upholstery of the chair. If everything is fine with it, too, then you can get down to replacing the upholstery.

What else is important?

Changing the fabric on an armchair is relatively easy, but in order for this furniture to be comfortable, the filling must also be right. If everything is fine with the interior of the armchair, then you don’t need to replace it. However, if it, too, needs renewal, then invest in new foam and you have a big part of the problem out of the way.

How to make a new seat upholstery?

You should start your work by removing the old fabric from the armchair. Do it gently. Try to remove the nails and staples, as they can serve as fasteners for the new upholstery. Rip the fabric at the seams and mark a sketch on the new fabric. Do this always on the left side. Cut out the fabric, not forgetting to leave a few centimeters of overlap.

What tools do you need?

You absolutely need an upholstery stapler or taker. This is a device used for stretching the canvas. It will be best if you find a person to help you. You need to stretch the fabric on the seat or backrest, and fix the edges with the stapler. Done!

How to make a decorative trim for an armchair?

Want to further decorate your refreshed armchair? You can make the edging from a narrow strip of fabric that you hem the armchair with. First, measure the circumference you want to hem. Sew a string of cotton into the center of the cut strip. Sew the edging to the fabric of the seat or backrest. This will be an aesthetically pleasing finish that adds elegance. 

What do you need to know about fabrics with pile?

Materials such as velour, plush and velvet have fine hair. You need to pay attention that when you change the upholstery of the armchair, they should be arranged in the same direction. They look best laid to the left at a slant.

main photo: Sergienko

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