Wedding outfit from a chain store. Which models and cuts are worth betting on?

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Many people do not decide to get married or postpone it due to lack of sufficient funds. While the fee for the hall or paperwork is unlikely to decrease, we can save a little on our wedding outfit. In the offer of chain stores there are now plenty of clothes and accessories that can be used on your own wedding. You do not have to have all the elements of the wedding closet from the wedding dress shop to feel wonderful on this special day. Check out how to create an amazing wedding look in a cheap and fast way!

Sumptuous “meringue” or “princess” wedding dresses are an increasingly rare choice among modern women. Many girls are even forgoing the traditional white in favor of a beige or pale pink dress. Also new is the fact that some brides, especially those getting married in an officiant, are donning a stylish jumpsuit or women’s suit on the day. Wedding fashion breaks with patterns and conventions, so your styling can be original and unique. It is becoming more and more popular to buy outfits for the wedding in clothing chains. You can also find great shoes and accessories, which will make you look your best on that day. We have compiled a list of things you can buy at popular chain stores that you may need for your wedding

Wedding dresses and outfits from popular chain stores

  1. Chain Store Wedding Dress

You can’t always find your dream wedding dress in a trendy boutique with beautiful creations. Increasingly, women are opting for minimalist and simple dresses, which can be found in popular chain stores. Very fashionable lately are lingerie dresses on thin straps, which are great for the wedding. It is a great way to save an amount of money, even a few thousand zlotys. A beautiful wedding dress, which does not have a label of a well-known brand, you can buy even for a few hundred zlotys

  1. Wedding suit

Less obvious wedding styles are becoming very popular. Women resign from traditional dresses in favour of wedding suits, costumes or sets. This is a sensational solution, which looks very elegant and at the same time is stylish and comfortable. This is a fantastic style for those getting married in an officiant or for mature brides who don’t see themselves in a tulle white dress. You can bet on a white suit or choose one in a shade of vanilla or even nude

  1. Boho style outfits

If you do not feel good in pompous atmosphere of fairy tale wedding, you can bet on celebration in boho style, which refers to nature and idyllic climate of the countryside. Then your wedding style may also be less formal. You will find plenty of outfits that fit this style

  1. Bridal lingerie

Bridal lingerie is a very important part of the overall style. Lingerie is responsible for the way the dress fits on the body. It can beautifully expose our strengths and gently hide flaws. In popular stores you will find plenty of white and beige sets, which will be perfect under the wedding dress. Instead of a traditional set of panties and bra, you may bet on a wedding corset and garters

  1. Accessories

You can easily find a lot of stylish accessories in chain stores, which will work perfectly as an element of your wedding outfit. You can easily buy elegant sandals or pumps to match your outfit. It is also worth looking for decorative pins or headbands, which will allow you to create a fabulous wedding hairstyle

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