5 Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Halloween makeup is just as important a styling element as the costume and original hairstyle. You can do it in several different ways and choose your own aesthetics – fairytale, dark or stylish.

Makeup is the complement to any successful hairstyle. The Halloween make-up is usually expressive, colorful and a bit scary. Its preparation does not have to be difficult or complicated at all. You need to equip yourself with strongly covering products – in this case it is worth to visit not only drugstores but also stores with painting/artistic products and ask for face paints.

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1. The skeleton – the most popular for Halloween

The most popular Halloween make-up is to paint yourself “skeleton”. This make-up is also quite simple. All you have to do is paint your face white and then apply a dark black shadow to your eyes and lips. Contouring is the key here. Use a dark color to highlight your cheekbones, jaw and temple area. Now you look terrifying!

2. Contrasting Mishmash

Halloween makeup does not always have to resemble a certain monster or character. It can be a contrasting mishmash. A good choice will be the maximum pale foundation, blood-red lips and dark eyes. We do not regret black, navy blue or purple eye shadow.

The lipstick can also be black, plum or maroon – let it be intense. There is no need to make sure that your make-up is perfect: smudged and uneven make-up is perfect for Halloween!

3. The frightening witch

The witch is quite a popular character when it comes to Halloween. To prepare the witch makeup, first apply a very light foundation on your face. The cosmetic must form a fairly thick layer. The eyes should be heavily and thickly outlined with a black crayon. In this case, smoky eyes will work well. Cheekbones should be emphasized with bronzer or dark shadow. Finally, apply blood lipstick and you are done!

4. The blood-chilling vampire

The vampire is a Halloween classic. For this make-up you need a very light foundation or face paint. The idea is to make your complexion corpse-white. The eyelids should be painted with purple or purple-green shadow, or some dark shadow. The temples should be painted with reds imitating blood drops. It is also a good idea to paint thin veins. And finally, the lips, red and smudged, of course. Done!

5. Scary clown

Clown is no longer associated only with the circus. The one from horror movies is equally popular. No wonder that this character is also seen on Halloween parties. How to do a clown makeup? You should paint your face in a light shade. You should use paints, fluid and white powder to achieve a mask effect.

The eyebrows should be invisible, so it is best to hide them under a plaster or paint over them. Contouring is very important in this case. The jawbone, cheekbones and temples must be strongly emphasized. In such makeup scars and wrinkles can not be missing. They can be painted by smudging a dark shadow or using a brown eyeliner.

Eyes should be painted in a very expressive color – blue, pink, green. It is also worth combining them and smudging them. On the nose paint a red dot. Lips are outlined with a crayon and filled with dark lipstick. In the corners paint dots or drops. And there you have it!

Main photo: A Koolshooter/pexels.com

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